#FashionFriday – Ready For Anything


Whether you’re dressing for a high-brow meeting or simply heading to the office, never underestimate the power of looking your best. And by best I mean chic, elegant, put together, and impossible to ignore. Welcome to #FASHIONFRIDAY. Dressing in clothing that says:

“I’m ready to take over the world and damn I look good doing it …”

… It is by far your greatest adversary.  It’s true that New York and Paris have #fashion down but wherever you are, you can strut your stuff with intellectual flair and undeniable style. Personally, I could stand seeing Los Angeles up the ante in terms of everyday fashion.

I believe a woman should always emit confidence and strength all the while maintaining poise and feminism. The pencil skirt is just the piece to do that. Below is a range of styles ranging from the 1940’s revival with accessories and hair to pull it all together to NY Print-Ready to a brightly colored top mixed with lace and a textured handbag. Notice  that the hairstyles range as do the accessories. Find your look but don’t downplay your beautiful lines.

photo 2

“Confident women appreciate a smart, sexy, driven, and very well-dressed woman …”

Starbucks Store OnlineA woman should never undervalue the power of her sensuality. Even in the workplace. You can be the CEO, the Powerhouse running a company anywhere from 5 to 100,000 employees but you don’t have to compromise feeling beautiful, sexy, and unmistakably fierce. Below is a look at 3 vastly different looks that all emit a little hearty dose of vixen with a whole lot of strength and intellect.


Mix up textures from cotton to silk to woven to the delicacy of flow and the prowess of leather. Own it. You’re worth it.

photo 1

So this #FashionFriday, I’m encouraging all of the women out there to take hold of your inner fashion debutant. Wear that fabric well and embrace your inner powerhouse. And in honor of the recent piece published in VOGUE.com, embrace your body, your shape, your curves because you are one sexy kitten.

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