Online Writing Workshops with Dawn Garcia

Online Writing Workshops with Dawn Garcia

The 3rd Weekend of EVERY month, I will be holding a writing workshop!


A writing workshop just for you – no matter WHERE you are in the world! All of the writing workshops are live video workshops with up to 20 Participants. Scroll down to DETAILS to get all of the specifics.


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Working in a group of other writers allows you to explore varying styles of writing while giving one another key input. My very first opportunity to publish fiction derived from attending a Short Story Writing Workshop. It was led by a writer I didn’t know but I learned so much from sitting in a group of 8 other writers who were all there because of a short piece of fiction they created. We all wrote in different genres and not a single one of us were the same. Some of the writing I loved and some of it I didn’t fully understand but the one thing I did get? I learned what 8 other people (including our Workshop Leader) thought about my writing and, even when I didn’t agree or find it particularly relevant, I began to understand my own style of writing – and – took away one simple fact:


Once you understand that, well, you will know exactly where to take your story from there. Each class is designed to open up the creative floodgates and encourage you to keep writing!


Check the Saturday Workshop Calendar below to see what topics we’re covering and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


We will be discovering, exploring, and deconstructing story, working on character development, the importance of descriptors, and more. Whether you are writing a manuscript, a screenplay, fiction, or a blog, going through what you’re writing is critical to understanding story.


COST: $100 per person GROUP WORKSHOP | $250 per person PRIVATE Workshop




LENGTH: 3 HOURS | 1.5 Hours + 30 Minute Break + 1 Hour





Info for how to register and are emailed after you have successfully signed up for your Workshop.


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MAY | JUNE – Story Structure | Character Development

Whatever you’re working on, understanding story and how to bring it to life is key. Knowing exactly what your story is, how to move it forward, and how to adapt as it unfolds will allow it to truly come alive. How well do you know the characters you’re writing about? In Fiction, Non-Fiction, in a blog, a book, a short story, or a film? In order to tell their story, you need to know who they actually are …


JUNE | JULY – Finding Your Voice

Words are the foundation of story, but to make your words original is what will set you apart. Polishing your writing voice, your tone, your potential – that’s everything.


JULY | AUGUST – How Well Do You Trust Your Writing?

Confidence in your ability to tell a story is just as important as the story itself. Owning your strengths and recognizing your weaknesses will propel you forward as a writer.



1. REGISTER and PURCHASE your spot by clicking on the Workshop “ADD TO CART” button.


2. WRITING SAMPLE: Send in a writing sample (Choose 1-15 pages of a project that you want to work on).
Email samples to me at contact@atodmagazine.comSUBJECT LINE: Workshop


EXAMPLES: Blogs, Documentaries, Fiction, Film (Shorts or Feature), Manuscript, Synopsis, instructions on how to text (KIDDING)



Each Writing Workshop will be conducted using CISCO WebEx Meetings*. Once Registered for the Workshop and ticket purchase is confirmed, participants will then receive instructions to either join via video or phone call-in. You will be able to add this to your Online CALENDAR.
*NOTE: If you computer does not support audio, you will have the option to call in directly and join the Workshop.


4. WATER: Because we all need to stay hydrated!


5. AN OPEN MIND + A POSITIVE ATTITUDE! Writers thrive when they feel free to be themselves. And nothing lets that happen better than an encouraging and honest environment to work in.


6. A Smile. (Really.)


**FOR PRIVATE WORKSHOPS: This is a one-on-one 3 hour time slot with me working on the project of your choice.

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