Things That Make Me Dream

Things That Make Me Dream


The past month has been incredible for me and my staff with film festivals, food and wine events, a lineup of interviews that inspire, exquisite dinners, beautiful music, and alluring art. Each facet has been nothing short of spectacular so today I wanted to share some of my favorite visuals of things that encourage that fanciful playfulness of design and creativity. From fashion to food, every part of our lives are touched by someone else’s limitless vision. There is something rather extraordinary about that …

So below is your invitation to dream.

Dream about a blissful escape or a dress that seems to be alive. Dream about the realm of possibility that architects and designers imagine and implement. Dream about natural beauty and the infinite elements of nature by way of a colorful recipe or a setup to entertain guests that will engage anyone with the ability to awaken their own curiosity. Dream about that vintage fabric draping along your skin or the body you are working towards to fill out that insatiable bathing suit. The point is, to dream is to live.

An idea begins with a simple visual. Something you envision that is proof that your dreams are not only tangible but probable.

Nothing is impossible and the true essence of design is to open you up to the notion that you can simply brush away your ideas or you can awaken your dreams. My thoughts? Awaken whenever possible.

#ATODdreams | #DreamALittleDream

For those of you who have a passion for #design, May 27-31st in Los Angeles is the DWELL on Design Event. Everything you can imagine in architecture and pre-fab design will be coming to life. TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE …


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