Tuesday Trends No.2

Tuesday Trends No.2 | Summer Trend Report

Because fashion is all about taking chances.


[dropcap letter=”W”] ith summer finally here, you can expect to see a range of exciting new trends that personally, I can’t wait to try out (and encourage all of you to do the same!). While the vast majority of us enjoy wearing traditional summer pieces, it’s also time to experiment with our personal styles, which means trying out all of the latest trends.

At New York fashion week, there was a variety of fresh ideas for this summer, and a few of our favorites included: shirtdresses, utilizing the colors white and yellow, sheer fabrics, colored suede, and pulling inspiration from the 1970’s.

From what I’ve seen on the Runway this year, designers have experimented with different fabrics, color shades, and patterns to help elevate everyday wear. Marc Jacobs, Tory Birch, Vera Wang and many other designers offer a range of on-point pieces in their summer collections. Below, please find a few of our favorite trends for this season.

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(Image: Glamour)

Shirtdresses have been around for a while but if you take a closer look at the pieces available this season, they have been transformed into more contemporary options with pastel colors, stripes and experimentation of length. We love the silhouette that shirtdresses offer, a nice hour glass shape when paired with a belt to cinch around the waist.

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White and Yellow

yellow trend

Image: VOGUE

white trend

The colors white and yellow have been trending for the past few seasons but what’s different this year is wearing solely white or yellow in your entire outfit. Pairing white tops with white pants, or wearing an all yellow dress. I like this bold look, especially when it comes to yellow attire. I’d recommend giving this trend a try for your next date night adventure if you really want to make an unforgettable statement.

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Sheer Fabrics

sheer clothing

A huge fan of showing a little skin, especially if it’s done with a tasteful and elegant touch, this season’s look is a win all around. While we saw sheer pieces paired together, we recommend, wearing either a sheer top or a sheer bottom, not both. Let’s face it: if you do it right, you can look sexy without having to show off everything.

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Colored Suede

colored suede

(Image: Popsugar)

Suede is a surprising trend for this season, especially since in the past suede has really been featured during the fall and winter seasons. We love the vibrant color options that stores are offering. Suede always adds a rich touch to any outfit and I’m are excited to pair this fabric with some of my favorite summer staples.

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The 70’s

70's style

(Image: Popsugar)

For the past few years the 90’s have really made a comeback. While we enjoy crop tops and chokers, I love seeing that a more modest era is coming into play this season: the 70’s. With its relaxed fitted items, floral pieces, jumpsuits, and platforms, what’s not to like? Looking forward to giving 70’s styled pieces a contemporary update.

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With summer BBQ’s, date nights out on the town, Sunday brunch, and evening get togethers with friends, there are so many opportunities for you to mix these fashion trends into your everyday look. We’d love to see how you incorporate these trends into your personal style. Share your looks on Instagram and be sure to tag #ATODmagazine | @atasteofdawn so we can see your outfits!

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