Week 1- Lifestyle Change

Week 1- Lifestyle Change

A Mission To Transform My Body


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[dropcap letter=”A”]s I get older and my body changes as well as my hormone levels, metabolism, ability to burn calories … blah blah blah. I have spent countless hours in search of a fitness routine I can commit to every day, tried Boot Camp, the gym, online regimes, home videos, you name it and it’s easy to get discouraged – and find something I love as much as my old workouts with trainer, Corey Beasley. With a million options online, I found all of that to be far too impersonal. I needed to find a fitness and health/nutrition program I could do indefinitely. Ready to do a full body makeover, the smart, effective, and challenging way – I finally found a program I’m all too eager to get started on.

Your body is a work of art. It can sometimes wear with age, change it’s coloring, lose it’s luster but the beauty is, that as it ages, it’s ability to be reinvigorated, transformed, and emerge more beautifully … infinitely exists as a real possibility.

As I read and researched different workouts that burn the most calories, it seems two continued to come up: spinning and running. Running can be hard on your body and weather can confine your options of getting out there and doing it (I hate … HATE running on a machine). Spinning is something I’ve always wanted to do but finding a spin instructor that comes from a health and nutrition background, and not JUST fitness, that was far more challenging. Alas, I came across “The Graham Sisters” in Toluca Lake who have been running a Fitness Program for 17 years. And? It incorporates spin, yoga, and utilizing your individuality to find a program that meets your specific needs and goals. BINGO! Karyn and Cynthia of RPM Fitness have won me over and so, I’m embarking on an entirely new lifestyle change and body makeover.


I will be starting a weight loss program, a rigorous fitness regime (and to be honest, I’m the kind of girl who LOVES to be pushed hard. I don’t need to be babied. I want to be challenged …), and a series of cleanses to completely transform my body, my sleep patterns (which suck), my eating habits, and over 5-week series’ will watch how much my body can change. I have a plan to see me through the next few months but I’m thrilled to be embarking on this journey.

So … you will be able to come along with me on my journey. I will be posting a video blog every week documenting my progress, my challenges, my concerns, my excitement, and everything in between.

You can follow my progress at (and you are welcome to join me!):

@dawngarcia {INSTAGRAM} | @atasteofdawn {TWITTER} | ATOD Magazine  {FACEBOOK}

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DAY 1 | Sunday, October 11th = I did my first class yesterday and fell in love. I don’t think I’ve ever sweat that much in my life! I’m ready for this … Here. We. Go. 

Tuesday, October 13th begins SLIMFIT Bootcamp. It just got real!


THE GOAL: To be in better shape than I have at any point in my life. There is no reason a woman can’t look even better than she did in her prime and honestly, I’ve never felt more comfortable with myself than I do now which is why it’s the perfect time to address my frustrations with the roadblocks I’m come up against as I get a little older.

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