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Gifts under $100


[dropcap letter=”W”]hile the holidays are now officially in full swing, we figured maybe you’d want a few last minute ideas to purchase (online). While we sort through lots and lots of products, we love coming across those that make our lives more fun, easier and a bit more meaningful.

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FOOT CARDIGAN | $9 month

A sock subscription service that will keep you laughing.

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A monthly sock subscription of novelty wear from houdini (for those that wear flats and want to hide their toesies) or the gent that likes to rock a killer knee high under his suit, FootCardigan.com is a fun and playful way to make a statement without breaking the bank. Every month you get a new selection of socks to cozy up to your lonely feet.

Echale Ganas | $20

Because we love supporting a brand with a message.

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Hats + Tees are what we suggest. Echale Ganas Apparel represents the lifestyles of the hard workers, the dedicated, and the persistent. When you meet the man behind the brand, you can’t help but want to support them with all your being. Their logo is cool but it’s meaning is even cooler: never give up. Always give it your all. Dream the impossible dream … you get the gist.

Trudeau Ice Sphere Mold  | $20.49

When you want to make your drinks look cooler.

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Get the ball rolling with this clever bar accessory: this ice sphere mold creates 4 perfect spheres with 2 in. diameters that will add a touch of glamour to your favourite drinks. Just pick your favourite topping (citrus zest, berries, herbs) and add water through the funnel-shaped lid designed for easy filling. Release your icy creations in a snap by simply pushing the flexible bottom. Once placed in the drink of your choice, they will keep it colder thanks to their large spherical shape. Perfect for jazzy on-the-rocks cocktails!

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Trudeau Recipe Cocktail Shaker | $46.99

Keeping it interesting (and precise) when you shake – or – stir!

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Start the evening in style with the sleek stainless steel Recipe Cocktail Shaker! It features 8 drink recipes on its side. This essential bar accessory will always come in handy when you need inspiration for a jazzy drink shaken to perfection! The integrated strainer holds back ice for a consistent pour, just like at the bar.

She Believed She Could, So She Did Travel Mug Tumbler | $18.00

Because when you drink your coffee, you should feel empowered. 

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16 oz. Stainless Steel double-wall tumbler features a plastic liner, foam insulation, and a push-on swivel lid for easy access.

Color: White Tumbler w/ black imprint color on front.

Hand wash recommended to preserve long-term quality of mug manufacturer.

Do not microwave.

Drinkmate | $99.00

Because let’s face it, you like to have fun with your drinks. 

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The Drink Mate is the ONLY carbonation beverage maker that allows the user to carbonate ANYTHING

Patented detachable Fizz Infuser and two release button allows better control on release of CO2

Easy to operate, easy to clean – No Electricity or batteries required

Quick connect bottle is BPA-free with volume mark line

Smaller footprint saves counter space

The Drinkmate allows you to carbonate anything.  Through extensive research and development iDrink Products has developed a soda maker that allows you to separate your carbonation system from your elegant counter top system using our Fizz Infuser.

The power of Fizz Infuser is that instead of the chaos created when depressurizing your drink with other carbonation systems you have the ability to gently release the pressure leaving your drink calmly sparkling in the bottle.

Whether its cocktails, fresh juices or your favorite sports drink its up to you.  Have a shrub that you’ve developed and you want to give it some extra zip?  Maybe your an iced tea fan, now you can try carbonated iced tea.  At iDrink we don’t presume to tell you what you’ll like best, we just know that when you use the DrinkMate you’ll discover a whole new range of flavors and fun.

In the spirit of shopping …
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