Memorial Day

Memorial Day

A day to remember the valor and the future

As we honor those that fight for our freedom, our voice, our revolution, our unity, our hope and our promise, may we find the solace and community in one another. The world is a big place full of scary and unknown things but if we can, for just a little while, remember how much beauty and hope there is? We will survive our species and not fall victim to the chaos and pain that plagues us.

Memorial Day is meant to honor those who give us our freedom and allow us the opportunity to speak our mind and while lately it seems those freedoms are in question, we must never forget the battles that have been fought in the name of liberation. There is no place for oppression, censorship, sexism, bigotry, or political and religious persecution. We must learn to see the beauty in one another and eliminate the toxicity that has bled through every nation in every language of every belief.

Let us utilize the day to think of the innocent that see the world as a place not separated by color or sexuality or belief but rather a place that is abundant in color and possibility. To every man and woman who have sacrificed for my right to speak out, today I honor you.

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