An evening of raising awareness …

In the heart of West Hollywood there was an incredible evening of art, philanthropy, inspiration, and a crowd of those with a passion for creativity and community. As the world has watched so many natural disasters take hold of some extraordinarily beautiful and amazing nations these past two months, Mexico was among those hit hardest. After two major earthquakes struck in September, hundreds and thousands of people in Mexico have been affected, including the death of over 230 people including children. This is, to date, one of the most horrific earthquakes historically and now the people of Mexico need our help.

While recently, artist Albrecht Behmel partnered with Nate Moore to host an evening of art and philanthropy in Los Angeles, the efforts to offer aid and support to the nation have taken center stage. Through tragedy we must find unity.

Below are links to a number of outlets you can donate to:


Oxfam Mexico

International Community Foundation

Save the Children,

Global Giving Mexico Relief Fund

… provide assistance to victims that are in need of donations.

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About the Event

A Hosted evening of MARVEL inspired villain unveil with special guest Nate Moore, VP of Development & Production Captain America – Winter Soldier – Captain America/Civil War, & Black Panther; to raise awareness & support to help bring relief to our neighbors in Mexico!

Artist Albrecht Behmel

Novelist, Historian, Author, Screenwriter, Artist & Creative

“There is no difference between painting and thinking—both can be rational and emotional at the same time. When I paint, I like to combine landscapes or cityscapes and silhouettes of people, animals, monsters, and plants. This is the “Magic of the Swarms” a technique I created when I realized how fascinating the world would be if it had colorful shadows. On canvas, it can.”

To learn more about Crowdrise  by gofundme, please visit:

To learn more about UNICEF  and UNICEF Mexico, please visit:

To learn more about FUNDACIO DUERME TRANQUILO A.C , please