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With so many books on the market, I am constantly on the quest of finding really beautiful, impactful, story-driven books. From coffee-table books to fiction, there is so much to feast your eyes and mind on. Below is a glimpse at embracing the dynamic creation of female artists, drinking while armed with knowledge, the power of positive thinking, and being your own badass.

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Art isn’t gendered. It’s whether you have a vision or not.

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50 Contemporary Women Artists

John Gosslee & Heather Zises, Editors

Before you even get to the book itself—on the very first turn of the cover— you are given an introspection of women’s rights and the history of activism and equality by way of quotes, including the beginning words of the Declaration of Independence, “We Hold These Truths to Be Self Evident.” It seems as of late we’ve forgotten the core principles of what makes our nation so fantastic. 50 Contemporary Women Artists delves into the fascinating compendium of artists and architects that have made extraordinary contributions to notion of feminism and cultural influence, including implementation of the rights we were all given as people.

This book is more than activism, visual nuances, and social cues. This book showcases the exemplary influence women have been instrumental in creating. In the continual battle to be recognized as equals, these 360-pages of brilliant works from design to modern art, fine art, architecture, and socially powerful pieces encourage the conversation to continue. It is a wonderful look at women throughout this period of education, appreciation, and struggle visible in the political, cultural, environmental, social, and psychological confines. This is a wonderful book for educators, curators, purveyors, social activists, and art appreciators.

$35 – Amazon.com
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Whiskey America

by Dominic Roskrow

While whiskey originated in the great highlands of Scotland and Ireland, the US is making a name for itself in the whiskey space. Award-winning writer Dominic Roskrow takes readers on a journey to distilleries throughout the United States, educating us on new flavor profiles, exciting tasting notes, inviting us to celebrate this growing spirit in Whiskey America.

Whiskey is a complex spirit that has been pleasing palates and igniting the ideology that we need to live the good life since its inception. Whiskey America gives us an in-depth look at how whiskeys are being distilled, walking us through the history, acknowledging the birth of bourbon whiskey in Kentucky, talking to local bars, purveyors, and connoisseurs across the country—all while introducing us to the brands that make our consumption possible. The book closes with a snapshot of some of the best whiskey bars in America.

$25 – Amazon.com
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Japanese Whisky Handbook

by Gary Clark

I first met Gary Clark at WSWA (Wine and Spirits Wholesalers Association), an event exploring new spirits and releases. He told me of the book he was writing about Japanese whisky after we’d bonded over our love and respect of Japanese culture and zen-like history. I ran into Mister Clark once again at WSWA the following year and just as we caught up, he handed me a copy of his book, Japanese Whisky Handbook! The book is a wonderful and insightful resource that guides readers through Japanese history and distilleries.

What makes this such a unique take on whisky is his academic approach as he walks you through the various regions, provinces, and villages of Japan. From Shinjiro Torii, the godfather of Japanese whiskey on through today’s Suntory, whisky lovers have their very own guide to have extensive knowledge about Japanese whisky with the bonus of being able to impress aficionados.

$25 – Amazon.com
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It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be

by Paul Arden

It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want to Be is a no-nonsense handbook guiding you to put your timidity aside to make the impossible in your life possible. Paul Arden is one of the advertising industry’s top gurus and his wisdom and experience applied in this book teaches you how to take life by the balls, face problems head on and get creative in how you solve them.

It’s an empowering look at how the principles of advertising can be applied to real life. Arden empowers you to communicate better, rise to the occasion in your career and your personal life, and gives you the tools you need to know how to react when things seem unmanageable.

$10 – Amazon.com
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Badass Babe Workbook 

by Julie Van Grol

Badass Babe Workbook is exactly what every lady boss needs. From badass babe prompts, art, writing exercises to encouragement on those days when being a badass babe takes it out of you, this book saved me more days than not. What Can Grol has created is something that unleashes your creativity, cues your voice, and arms you with everything you need to stay the course.

In the workbook you’ll find quotes from female trailblazers like sciences, artists, athletes, writers, activists, poets, entertainers, and spear headers that decided to go against the grain and follow their own path. This really is an inspirational playground for anyone who ever dared follow their dreams and take them on without restraint. While we fight for equality and our place in this world, Badass Babe Workbook asks you to dig deep, stand up for what’s right, and know you’re not alone while you do it. This is a book arming you with what it takes to be your best self.

$10 – Amazon.com
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