December Gift Guide 2021

Gift Guide

This December, Buy Small, Think Big … and have some fun this year with your gift giving.

We love everything about a great gift guide. And this year we’re putting together lists with a few classifications:

Promotes positivity.
Easy to find (online mostly).
Doing something to contribute to the betterment of self and others.
We can vouch for it first hand.
They’re a departure from the same ole thing.

We want this year to mean something special because it’s been a rough pandemic ride. So from us to you, may you enjoy our list of ideas for your doggies, your canna-curiosity, your desire for self care, your thirst for libations, and a glimpse at a few positive thoughts by way of apparel and digital prints.

Gift Guide

For The Pups In Your Life

Hyper Pet Doggie Pal:  Hyper Pet Doggie Pal Interactive Plush Dog Toy an interactive toy that’s battery-operated. The silly ball of fun can wiggle, jump, and bark. Our big ole German Short Hair Pointer loves this toy. It has motion activated sensors keeping your canine entertained for hours. Make sure to supervise your dog while they play because like all things, none of these toys are impenetrable. Ours tore it apart in days, but he had so much fun doing it that we personally think it’s worth it. | $12-$20, and most pet stores.

SodaPup Emat Jigsaw: Did you know that licking is actually super calming and therapeutic for our dogs? It is! And according to the SodaPup website, this jigsaw mat calms your dog through licking. It also entertains them, helps avoid overfeeding, promotes fresh breath, healthy teeth and gums, and stimulates saliva to aid digestive health. They recommend coating it with peanut butter, canned pet food, cream cheese, yogurt (plain), crushed treat moistened with water. *Consult your vet for a complete list of foods that are suitable for your pet. | $13,

Pet Releaf Edibites: Just like we get anxious or stressed out, so do our dogs. It might be a storm, long drives, going to the vet, being around too many people, or missing us too much, but our babies can get nervous. That’s where Pet Releaf Edibites come in handy. We use them for our 90-lb baby when needed and they help steady his nerves. They come in many flavors but we use the Peanut Butter & Carob Flavor and find it keeps Zeek (our dog) calm and content. | $22,

Earthbath Wild Cherry Puppy Wipes: We are enormous fans of climate conscious brands and Earthbath is precisely that. Taking care of our beloved fur babies with vegan, cruelty free products including their Wild Cherry Puppy Wipes is our kind of thing. We use them on his ears, to give his fur a quick wipe down, and the bonus is he smells like a 1980’s lip gloss! Mild cleansers deodorize, freshen, and clean as the exotic Hawaiian Awapuhi conditions the coat and imparts a healthy shine. Aloe vera and vitamin E moisturize both coat and skin. Safe for animals over 6 weeks old. | $10-17,

Kurgo Walk About Halter + Humble Dog Leash: I own a massive dog. And as adorable and goofy as he is, he is incredibly strong so walks were a massive task that often ended in hand cramps because he’d pull so hard. A client who works with Kurgo sent me The Walk About Head Halter and Humble Dog Leash and it’s been a game changer. As the Kurgo site states, this is entirely different from a muzzle; it allows the dog to breathe and drink normally, and allows leash attachment below the chin, providing a point of greater control for the parent. The leash is equally impressive. Made of nautical rope, it’s sturdy and I can put it over my shoulder or around my waist and he pulls much less. He usually walks right next to me now and gets to run a lot more. It has been a lifesaver, and while Zeek isn’t a huge fan of having it on, he gets to go on a lot more walks, and he’ll even sit long enough to let me put it on (which means it’s not that awful!). | $23-$27,

Gift Guide

When You Need a Little Help From Your Canna Friends

ABX Absolute Extracts Sleepy Time Sublingual Drops: These drops are VERY effective (maybe too effective). Made using natural ingredients and cannabis, the ABX Sleepy Time drops work. After booking a hotel for a staycation recently, I was struggling to sleep so I took half of the recommended dose and not only did I sleep soundly, I could have slept the whole next day. These can leave you feeling a little groggy so my recommendation is to take a fifth of the dropper and wait an hour or two before deciding if you need more. Quick onset relief in an easily-measurable dropper, ideal for micro-dosing (450mg THC total, .63mg THC per drop). | $40,

Kiva Lost Farms Edible Chews: Imagine an edible that is like a fancy Starbursts but takes the edge off, tastes spectacular, and gives new meaning to a happy high. That brand is Kiva Lost Farms edible chews. The THC-infused Starburst-like squares come in watermelon, grape, citrus berry, blueberry, strawberry, thorny berries, cherry, or key lime flavors. We’ve tried the watermelon (tastes like a Jolly Rancher) and the citrus berry varietals and they remind me a bit of a scene in Alice in Wonderland because you have to start off with just a lick and then decide on how much you can handle. For me, I was only able to handle a nibble of a corner because  I have a very low tolerance for THC. I found this out by treating the chew like an actual piece of candy and happily ate an entire square. Let’s just say, I gave new meaning to gravitational pull and my ass wasn’t able to do much of anything outside of being planted firmly on the couch. I was very, very cannabis infused! | 10 mg per serving, $20 per bag (100 mg per bag),

Farmer and the Felon: With 40,000 non-violent cannabis offenders still sitting behind bars in the United States, especially when cannabis is legal in 18 of the 50 United States, it’s hard to fathom why their release isn’t happening at a greater pace. By partnering with the Last Prisoner Project, Farmer and the Felon aims to bring restorative justice through the power of cannabis. Farmer and the Felon stands for more than a higher state of being, they’re actually doing something to right societal wrongs and with $47 billion spent on the drug war, one has to wonder who the war is really with. The brand line uses recycled paper for the pre-rolls and reclaimed ocean plastics for their lids. The line is good from their eighth’s to their flower — and they are actively taking a stand against unjust imprisonment. | $24-$250,

Absolute Extracts Cannabis-Infused Gummies: Northern California born ABX launched in 2014, and it’s their line of sleep gummies that have aided in many of my personal insomniac moments. The Blueberry Lavender Gummies offer an herbal concoction that calms and soothes so when you need to get some quality zzz’s, one gummy will do you. | 5 mg, 20 gummies per container, $13,

Care by Design CBD Drops: With so many ways to enjoy cannabis, tinctures is one of the easiest ways to closely dose your intake. The Care by Design CBD drops can be added to your morning coffee, tea, juice, or even smoothie. Simple, easy, and effective.  | $38-$79,

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Gift Guide

Self Care Isn’t Silly, It’s Essential

Beautology Lab Refresh + Revitalize 24L Gold Collagen Eye Masks: The first time I tried a 24K mask, I expected it to be just another fad that seemed like a cool idea with little to no physical difference in the overall health of my skin. Turns out experiencing a 24K gold mask can really revitalize your skin, killing away the daily radicals that wreak havoc on our faces. That’s why we were all in to give these Beautology 24K Gold Collagen Eye Masks a shot. The moment you open the package and place these little masks under your eyes, you can feel a cooling sensation that calms the senses (don’t do it sitting at your office chair or they’ll fall off!) so be sure you’re laying down so you can fully immerse yourself in the tranquil vibe they offer. After one treatment, my eyes felt revitalized, moisturized and were visibly less puffy from too many sleepless nights. | 12 pairs, $36,

Kush Queen Ignite Lubricant: Sex health may be one of the most important things we pay attention to in life. Whether it be with or without a partner, orgasms matter. And lube can make all the difference. Big fans of Kush Queen’s CBD lube we want to emphasize that we’ve experienced quite a bit of pleasure with this product (and we mean it!). The lube is paraben free, petrochemical free, latex compatible, and non-staining making it the perfect addition to your at-home pleasure repertoire. We keep a stash beside our bed at all times! | $50,

Peloton Bike+ Family: Yes, we know they’re super expensive but after having ours for a year we have to admit it’s one of the toughest and most motivating workout programs we’ve ever used. Total transparency, we had a hard time swallowing the cost. Spending $3k on a piece of equipment is a little financially obscene and the $480 a year to subscribe to the Peloton workout programs is even harder to accept (though now it’s only $156 a year so that’s a plus …). We got the Family pack which includes two pairs of shoes, two yoga blocks, reversible workout mats, two glass water bottles, yoga strap, resistance band, and bike mat. But when you think of how much we spend on driving to gyms, sharing equipment with total strangers, and having to find a parking spot, we still think this one is worth the expense. That said, don’t buy the latest model. Wait a year and you just might save a grand! | $2,275-$2995,

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Who’s Thirsty?

While we wrap our heads around an impending Dry-uary (we’re aiming for 100 days no alcohol), we do want to say that for those still partaking, we have come across some beautiful brands. From the cannabis infused Gem + Jane collection of sparkling beverages made with fresh ingredients and packing a flavorful punch; the female owned  Lynxx Bourbon Whiskey that is smooth and wonderfully boozy; the small batch bourbon called Alberfeldy that is delicious neat or with your favorite libation concoction; to the cocktail sets crafted and created by our friends at Wine Shine in Paso Robles … you have options.

That said, our absolute favorite this year has become Teneral Cellars. A female-owned, female-empowered winery brand whose releases have a real purpose, Teneral Cellars makes wine you will love with a mission you will long to support. Our suggestion is to join the swarm wine club and commit to buying three bottles of female made wines

every release. Designed with the mindset that wine should not only feed our palates, but fuel our souls, Teneral really does stand out above the rest. And it’s our MUST-HAVE wine any time of year. Their message, “Always Being, Always Becoming” really says all you need to know. They are a purpose-driven brand that stands by their commitment to supporting women on every front and we love everything about that. | $34-$42 per bottle,

Disclaimer: We only purchase the reds though we’re sure their collection of white wines is equally superb.

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