A Taste of Dawn RADIO April 3rd

A Taste of Dawn Radio – Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Today we are talking Film, Nutrition, Fitness, and Food.

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Today’s GUESTS: Alexander Kánish | James Wilks | Cynthia Presser


Alexander Kanish ALEX KÁNISH

Director of Events and Promotions

Alexander Kánish attended UC Santa Barbara, where he studied mass media and entrepreneurship. Soon after graduating, he became involved with the planning and executing of several industry events and notably, a fundraiser for the AIDS Life Cycle charity. Building off the success of the fundraiser and seeing an opportunity to lend a helping hand, Alexander came on board as the Director of Events and Promotions for FilmBreak.



FilmBreak aims to be the world’s largest virtual studio, offering filmmakers a fully integrated online solution complete with marketing, financing and distribution capabilities. FilmBreak’s key differentiators are its Hype Meter – an elegantly designed audience aggregation tool that allows filmmakers to actively build, engage and monetize their audience – and the FilmBreak Score, a proprietary algorithm used to score projects.

FilmBreak is located in the heart of Hollywood as part of the io/LA community.


Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Darren has more than 10 years of experience in strategic sales, marketing, operations and management and is an expert in social media and viral marketing. He has sold more than $30 million in software and services during his career to clients including Live Nation, the Screen Actors Guild, Rovi, Demand Media and Kelley Blue Book. Darren also originated, planned and helped execute the most successful social media campaign to date for Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, the world’s leading breast cancer charity.



Co-Founder and President

Taylor has worked in the film and entertainment industry for over 8 years as a Screenwriter and Producer. He has an exceptional understanding of the filmmaking process, along with the related challenges and opportunities for improvement. Taylor’s projects have been distributed nationally and internationally and have accrued numerous awards and commendations. Taylor was recently a featured panelist at the Variety Venture Capital & New Media Summit and Silicon Beach Fest.



james-wilks1James Wilks Biography

James Wilks traveled from England to Orange County, California in 2000 to further his martial arts training. Having focused on stand up striking arts in the UK, James was exposed to the high level of grappling in the USA. He soon realized the training opportunities living in Southern California and decided to stay. James had his first professional MMA fight in October of 2003 defeating successful ‘Ultimate Fighter’ participant and Sambo world bronze medalist Roman Mitichyan by Armbar. After a two year break from fighting, due to focusing on training and coaching students, James returned to test his skills again. After winning the Gladiator Challenge welterweight title he was chosen for Season 9 of the Ultimate Fighter. UK vs USA. This drove James to train harder than ever before. He won the TUF finale on June, 20th 2009

James has trained primarily under MMA coach Erik Paulson and represents Combat Submission Wrestling. He has been a sparring partner for Josh Barnett, Renato ‘Babalu’ Sobral, Ken Shamrock, Vernon White, Guy Mezger, Danny Suarez, Joe Stevenson, Cub Swanson, Jay Martinez, Hector Lombard, Mark Munoz and Mike Guymon. Nicknamed “Lightning” by his training partners and fans for his flash fast striking, James Wilks is a well rounded Mixed Martial Artist comfortable on his feet or on the ground. Next opponent beware!

Nickname:  Lightning
Age:   32
Weight:  170lbs
Height:  6ft 1”
Pro Record: 10-4 (Including 3 wins on the Ultimate Fighter)

Favorite Quote:

“It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.”

Theodore Roosevelt
 Speech at the Sorbonne, Paris, April 23,


CynthiaPresser2Cynthia Presser

Cynthia Presser (originally Ana Cynthia Ferreira) grew up in the vibrant, tropical surroundings of Brazil where she started cooking at 16.


She moved to San Diego, CA when she was 24 with a suitcase of belongings and her recipe journal.  She moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana in 2009 to raise her family.

Shortly thereafter, she created a cultural event in Fort Wayne called A Taste of Brazil, and started her cooking website, www.cynthiapresser.com.

Her website quickly grew to over 10,000 visitors per month, giving her the opportunity to share her culture through Brazilian recipes and other world-inspired dishes.




Show Notes:


Alexander Kanish – Events and Promotions for Film Break

Cynthia Presser – From ABC’s THE TASTE – Skype from Brazil

James Wilks- UFC Champion and Vegetarian


I eat probably 6 days a week vegetarian, and I think his approach is very fascinating, and I’m just curious to hear his approach as an athlete to nutrition.


Today I just want to explore everything I possibly can in two hours!


If are listening and are around the world, you can call in via SKYPE through Rant Radio Network.


Welcome to Wednesdays!


I wanted to talk about that I’ve been taking on a lot of endeavors, I was the only writer, but now I have 8. One is going to be heading to New York, to cover plays, restaurants, etc, so please take care of Stasha! Make sure that she has everything that she needs.



When I started this, I had no idea that I could create a platform for so many creative fields. To me the arts encompass everything from music and art to even fine spirits, it is beautiful. There is no greater education than living. There is always a story behind the food chefs create, regardless of their education, it is more important that passion is emitted.


On Music and Writing…

I was recently asked to create a 10 song “soundtrack”, and I found that it says so much about me. My first concert was Neil Diamond when I was ten. Now that I have a platform to support the arts, this is what I’ve always wanted to do. I don’t take it for granted.


When I started writing, to me it is very visual, the way that I write, the things that I see, I cannot create a solid piece without tapping into all of my senses. I have to smell the food, the ocean, the smoke in the air, and my writing would not be the same without it. You don’t have to spend a dime to experience things, with an open mind, you can find beautiful things.


Back to ATOD!


May marks the 2 Year mark! End of May. I need to come up with some way to celebrate it. (VENUES???)


Before it was more about aesthetics, but turned into a raw progression of changing the way I perceive things and experience them. I tapped into something unintentional that was unique, I got this email from someone in Nebraska, that even though they couldn’t experience it for themselves, by reading my writing, they felt like they were there with me.


When I’m in the process of writing [and interviewing], I don’t like asking the formulaic questions of anyone, I want to find what is totally unique to them, and it just started happening naturally.


Announcement – Going to Austin, last February, I was then with my boyfriend showing me what he loved, I got to find what I loved.


Alex KAN-ish – Works for Film Break (Just came to sit down with me in the studio but I’ll finish my thought)


Finishing my thought on what I’m passionate about, how the magazine naturally evolved, and changed gears when I went to Austin.


I became a little less inhibited, I explored observation, and explored the sexy in life.


(Transitioning to FilmBreak)

My background is in film, I stared working as a makeup artist, and I think the first movie that I saw was the Wizard of Oz.


Alex – I was born in Europe. Hollywood in Europe is this sought after “fairy-land”. I started acting in High School. Got into the internship with Warner Brothers. Went to UCSB.


I loved the idea of making something out of nothing, so it was a natural transition to entrepreneurship


Taylor is from Whittier – and he and I met as extras on a movie


“Background Action”


We stayed in touch, I looked at what he was doing on Facebook. I came out to one of his Film Break events. And we grew from 30 people to 300.


Working distribution services. Closed 4 films. Soley independent films.


Dawn – When I started, I knew who I wanted to work for, and where I wanted to be, and I wanted to be Oz, the person behind the curtain. Before the economy crashed, studios used to pay for movies, and now it is the other way around. It can take up to 13 production companies to film one film.



Foreign films are my favorite.


It takes so much work to get the money, and then you still need to make your pitch.


I remember one of my friend, who I won’t name but won an Oscar for Cinematography, worked on the highest grossing film and doesn’t see any real money from the residuals.


Market yourself on the back end. You really have to think long term.


The big money is in merchandising.



FilmBreak – Online platform, grow audience, help filmmakers understand their audience, make a taste profile of the audience, when we distribute the films we know who to target.


How is that possible?

If you’re online and want to test out your audience?


A little bit of everything, sign in with Facebook, and you’re already in.

A Filmmaker can put up a film in any stage of production


DAWN: How is it protected? I suggest Register with a WGA – and Copyright what you can via the Library of Congress to be safe


FB: I think it is impossible to completely protect anything online, but it is wonderful to see how the digital world is fostering a lot of creativity.

Sometimes its hard to decipher


Thursday – RSVP by signing up for Film Break

Open to the public

Branding and get the name out

The W – Right by UCLA


Explore the services


DG: I had the pleasure of meeting you and Darren at Cross Campus at this entrepreneurial hub, like its own little universe, in Santa Monica on Broadway and Lincoln, everything is digitally oriented.


Side note – Working on getting sponsors for the Austin Food and Wine Festival!


FB: [We] Create these events to connect other film makers and people in the industry connected. At least once a month, we try to meet up in some of the best hotels and venues in the area for a mixer. This one is Whiskey Blue. Sign up and you’re on the list. DJ is coming out, a lot of really great industry people. Always an awesome time!


Its all about networking in this city, and this is a good opportunity!


FB: – Find films, contact filmmakers, create a deal, and distribute the films. The primary qualifications: Feature length – any genre. We’re not currently distributing shorts, but we’re looking into doing that in the future.


[Speaking of Shorts] Academy Foundation – Short films were so moving.


[Back to where you’re from…]


Speaking of Europe – I didn’t realize where you were from was split, it is by Romania and Ukraine – the best wine in Europe comes from my country!


I used to speak Romanian, but I speak Russian and English.


The women are beautiful!


Everyone from super tall supermodels, to the tiny gymnasts.


Premium channels – Best shows


FIlmbreak is how old? Conceived three years ago, re-launched in November 2012


Originally we were more a LinkedIN for industry people, but now we solely focus on marketing and distribution.


Still very much encouraged to connect to people!


The most difficult part of the film industry is that you can’t always get off the ground fast enough, so you need to try and network and build a bridge to climb higher.


FB: Find people to keep you motivated and accountable to your goals.


I got so much done at Cross Campus!


Don’t work out of the house!


CALLER: Tracy Savage

Tre – Just wanted to call in! I just wanted to call and say I’m so amazed by you, you are so talented in everything you do!


DG – We used to sing in the bars, you remember?

Drinking really bad wine coolers


Tre – Operation A – Z

Filmed a tv show recently

Been interesting so far

Excited about everything you do!


DG – [To Alex] Your homework – go check out the film programs in LA at different museums] @LACMA Every Tuesday Matinees, they show 35 mm films,  they’re playing amazing movies!

They have the Kubrick exhibition going on right now



FB: Have you seen Baraka? It is all just visual storytelling


DG: [On the feature she’s been writing] My particular one is a period piece, and it has been screwed up, and they make the mistake of making it science fiction, but it is just a beautiful piece of literature


Conversation notes:

-B Movies

-Listening to “The Shining” and imaging the horrors


You have to be sunshine on the outside, so that you can write about and deal with the dark stuff on the inside!



Next Caller –


James “Lightning” Wilks – UFC Fighter


I met James working out, I had the best trainer Corey Beasley in Costa Mesa who would let me push myself, and it was a wonderful environment, I was in the best shape of my life.


Located in Laguna Hills


How are you doing?

Things are good, running my gym in OC, starting a reality show, speaking about nutrition a lot.


Dawn – I was so surprised to find out that you were Vegan!

Have you always been?


James – A couple of years ago, I like to spend my time wisely, and I did all this nutrition research in 2011, doing 1000 hours of medical research, and found everything I thought was wrong.


DG – I prefer the texture of tempeh, and quinoa, which is one of the only original grains.


JW – Amaranth, Buckwheat, Quinoa. We have 4 children, and wife Alicia. The kids sometimes eat meat when they’re with their dead.


DG – Do you do a lot of raw?


JW – We do smoothies and salads, but we do cook


DG – The documentary, my understanding that you went out and interviewed primarily vegan athletes


JW – doctors etc. about the thinking that you need to eat meat to be strong and virile, but you can get a lot of protein from plant based food. Protein is important but that doesn’t mean you need so much of it. You want whole grains, glucose, you want to eat whole foods to eat as healthy as possibly.


DG – I never really liked Fast Food, and my body craves veggies and fruits, there is so much more nutritional value in those foods. What would you say is the most shocking thing you learned about food?


JW – Probably the protein, I didn’t really realize about the damaging effects to your arteries, and I want to make sure that enough blood flow and oxygen can get to your muscles, and animal proteins and fats damage that.


DG – I think that food has gotten so compromised, and I am borderline celiac, because of something that happened in the 70s, there was a huge shift of all the preservatives, and there is a huge rise in people who have intolerance to food because of the processing.


JW – Meat has changed, cereal, the refined products, there are hormones, antibiotics. The first thing I did was switched to grass-fed to get the higher omegas, and that gets rid of about half of the problems.


DG – In preparation for you, how long have you been doing UFC fighting?


JW – I started when I was 8 in England, going into karate, jujitsu, etc. and originally came to OC for a few months, but decided to stay, and now its been 13 years. I actually had to retire due to breaking my neck, so the doctors recommended that I stop.


DG – To go from consistent training, so now your focus is on training others…


JW – Yeah, for 4 years now, so that is one of my focuses, and the plant based nutrition.


DG – Have you started any type of program through your gym? You started him off one day a week, and now he has totally gone vegetarian.


JW – You don’t have to do all of it, but getting most of your calories from your plant based food will really help.


DG – I was completely vegan for 5 years, but I have low blood sugar, and I wasn’t very educated back then, but then reintroduced lean beef, but can’t do poultry, and when I eat fish, it is usually sushi, but there is still a lot of chemicals in fish that are sometimes overlooked.


JW – There are a lot of toxins that are accumulated. Mercury.


DG – What is your focus more on? The documentary? The gentleman who I just had on the show, markets and distributes films.

You’ll have to send me information about the film, and I am going to put you guys in touch, it is so worth getting out there.

Coming from a professional athlete background, it is so different.


JW – People need to really look at the calories, to look at the alternatives, and not be mislead


DG – People have a mislead idea about being Vegan, that there are so many things that people don’t pay attention to.


JW – The main thing is that you’re excluding a lot, there are 200 different types of edible plants, and I actually eat a lot of variety, that plant foods can really be the building blocks to your diet.


DG – Can I interview you?


JW – www.facebook.com/plantathlete

Two weeks free at the gym in Laguna Hills


In a few minutes we have our last caller, I was so worried about the two hours, but they have just flown by!


Also, also how awesome is James!


Cynthia Presser – Chef and is calling me from Brazil


Dawn – to Cynthia (pronounced Cyncha)

Tell listeners who you are.


Cynthia: I am a passionate Brazilian cook, I took part of your show as part of ABC’s THE TASTE, I have “Cooking with a Brazilian Twist” cookbook coming out”


DG – How long did it take you?


CP – I’ve been working on the book for two years, so it is the realization of a lifelong dream of mine, based on my blog, but I’ve been cooking for the past 20 years. I am in my hometown, in Curitiba, in the state of Parana, it is a huge country with a huge variety of foods, for the meats and fish, and I’m here to shoot the cookbook cover.


DG – What would you say is your twist on a traditional Brazilian staple.


CP – I have 50 Brazilian recipes, and 50 with a Brazilian twist from my travels. My style is very approachable, and I wanted to share the exotic ingredients with approachable techniques. I want to make Brazilian food as popular as say Mexican, Thai etc. It is available on Kickstarter, and then in May we are going to have it on Amazon and my website.

Picture with a Yucca root, you can now find it in major grocery stores, and it is so tasty, healthy and delicious, and I have many recipes in my book so you can learn how to use it. It has such a great flavor. It is not a too starchy root, its gluten free, it is a great ingredient.


I am a fan of eating fresh in general.


Most of my recipes are fresh-based, starting from the farmer’s markets, that is what you do every day in Brazil, you go to your garden to get fruits and vegetables.


DG – Is your son pretty open to trying new things?


CP – No. Not right now!


DG – I used to make all my daughter’s own food, but thankfully she will try a lot of things.


CP – I am really hoping for that day to come, he used to be the best eater, but then he decided one day he stopped, and he has no idea what he is missing.


DG – He’ll go through a phase, but then he’ll get curious and want to try it again.


You’ll feel like you’re doing a good job when your kid likes fruits or vegetables, and she goes on rampages every once in a while for hot dogs and Mac n’Cheese, but she’s pretty good.


CP – Sebastian is crazy about my cheese bread – gluten free bread, and two different recipes.



DG – Those pictures from the market place look so fun!


CP – I wanted to show people the vibrant imagery and colors of the marketplace. I think when you are in the place you can translate the images and the energy of the place, and I can’t wait to show you the cover! I’m in Indiana.


DG – Do you know Bachelor Kitchen? I’ll have to connect you guys. You guys would be fun on a show together. Enjoy the rest of your day!


Last 10 minutes!


Thank you again!

James – super motivating, and make you want to go as far as you can go physically, tap into what you can do, worked out with MMA champ Carla Esparza, who is also super motivating, and I am not an athlete but it didn’t really matter, because they were encouraging me to at least challenge myself!


How cool was it for Alex to come by from Film Break? Such an encouraging, successful digital platform.


Know you’re going to fail, but it will make you so much better after. This –  It is my life, I could not survive without creativity. All of these media outlets, to connect with people around the world. How wonderful that we can actually have something happen!


Search for the perfect Martini – still haven’t found it.


Magazine is growing at an exponential rate! 8 writers staffed now (yay!)


Looking for interns, LA area, those of you who have an interest in digital world, marketing, advertising, business development etc.