Spiking Gas Prices

The 4th of July: Fireworks, BBQ’s, and Spiking Gas Prices, Oh My!

“Because airfares have risen to unprecedented levels with extra charges for everything from water to luggage, more people will be taking to the highways this weekend despite the average price of gasoline being around $3.66 a gallon.  In anticipation of that, I can offer some tips for saving gasoline this holiday weekend, although these are good tips to use pretty much anytime.”


Chris Faulkner, CEO of Breitling Energy Corporation


As the 4th of July approaches, there is fun to be had BUT while you pack up the car with coolers and BBQ gear, keep in mind the ever steady rise of gas prices. Chris Faulkner of Breitling Energy Corporation has some money saving tips that will keep you on track this weekend while you’re on the open road.


Tips from Chris:


1. Before you start out on a long trip, replace the air and fuel filter in your car. A clogged air filter can decrease mileage by up to 10 percent.


2. Fill up your tank on Wednesday or Thursday before 10 am. Gas prices rise on Thursdays in anticipation of holiday weekend travel.  10 am is when most station owners make their price change for the day.  Unless it is an emergency, do not buy gas Friday, Saturday or Sunday.


3. Avoid the convenient gas station on the side of the highway as you drive home from work which can be up to $.15 more per gallon.

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4. Save money with self-service and look for gas stations where paying cash costs the same as using a credit or debit card. Double check the attendant and ensure, if you are paying by cash, that “cash” is noted on the pump.  You could lose $.05 a gallon if he mistakenly presses “credit.”


5. Park in the shade. Gasoline evaporates right out of your fuel tank, and regardless of season, will do so quicker when you park in the sun. Parking in the shade will also maintain a cooler temperature inside your car, therefore you will need less A/C when you get back in. If shade unavailable, park so your gas tank is facing away from the direct sun. Also, buy gas when it’s cooler during the day (like the early morning or at night) to reduce gas evaporation.


6. Plan your route in advance so you can travel at a constant speed as much as possible. Avoid driving through big cities in rush hours and take routes that bypass construction zones if possible.


7. Keep your windows closed when driving on the highway. Open windows can reduce your gas mileage by as much as 10%.  In stop-and-go traffic, open the windows and turn off the air conditioning to save more money.


8. Use the lowest grade of gasoline recommended for your vehicle. In most cases, higher octane gas is a waste of money, and octane has nothing to do with the quality of the gas. Check your user’s manual to see if you can use regular gas. You’ll save a ton of money at the pump.


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