Morning Greens Breakfast Sandwich

Morning GREENS Breakfast Sandwich

Recipe + Photos by Dawn Garcia




(ALL Fresh)

1-2 Fennel stalks
1/2 avocado
2 large kale leaves
1 cup spinach leaves
1/4 cup mint leaves
1/2 cucumber
2 eggs
2 slices Udi’s Whole Grain bread

Pinch Cardamom
Pinch Ghost chili salt
3 Dried sage leaves

(To taste)
Pink Himalayan salt
Cracked pepper



Thinly slice (vertically) fennel stalk. In skillet, add @Pasolivo Rosemary Olive Oil, cardamom, a few sprigs of sage. Once hot, add fennel. Lightly brown. Remove. Add kale and spinach and briefly pan fry (less than 15 seconds). Remove from heat.

photo 4

Step 2: CUT

Cut cucumber vertically into relatively thin slices. Cut avocado into 5-6 slices.


Step 3: EGGS

In skillet, add more Rosemary Olive Oil. Crack both eggs (yolks in tact), sprinkle w ghost chili salt, pepper, cardamom, and small bits of sage. Fry keeping egg moist in the middle.

Toast bread.



Place toast on plate. Add a touch of olive oil and balsamic to taste. Layer: kale, fennel, cucumber, spinach, egg. Top w avocado and mint. Sprinkle w Himalayan salt and cracked pepper. Serve.

photo 2 photo 3

This is a green, healthy, protein, fiber-rich gluten-free breakfast.


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