Best Advice For 2015

Top 10: Best Advice for 2015?

Let’s start this year right. After all, you’ve got 365 Days of possibility. Oh, and make a Vision Board. Not because it’s trendy but because it keeps you focused on your process.



1. Stop hanging around people you don’t actually like being around.

2.Stop trying to make everyone happy. How about trying to make YOURSELF happy. It’s totally ok and even moreso, you’re way more fun when you’re actually “happy”.

3. Let go of anyone who isn’t actually there to make your life more positive. No one needs anyone else’s bad habits or drama or blame game. If they don’t want to take responsibility for their situations simply … Smile and wave … Bye bye.

4. If you don’t feel like drinking? Don’t.

5. Exercise because it keeps you sane and happy – NOT because you need to be on the cover of a magazine. Doing it for the right reasons will actually motivate you to keep doing it.

6. If they don’t understand what you do? Who cares.

7. If they tell you that “a regular job” is smarter? Remind them of every big game changer in the world who DIDN’T adhere to such rules.

8. Don’t feel bad because you’d rather hang out with your kids. They’re fun and they totally let you be silly. And they don’t judge you … (unless they’re teenagers in which case DEFINITELY be silly. Embarrassment is the key to good parenting. They’ll strongly disagree.)

9. Eat prettier. Why? Because pretty food is usually fresh produce with lots of colors and textures and that crazy little thing called nutrients.

10. Be brave. Life is not meant for the timid – or the unnecessarily dangerous – but it is meant for adventure and passion and it takes a certain amount of courage to embrace that. You rock. Be brave enough to accept that.


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