Looking Back at 2015

American actress Grace Kelly during the Cannes Film Festival, 6th May 1955. (Photo by RDA/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Looking Back at 2015


[dropcap letter=”T”]his year has been tremendous!!! With so many events, expansions, tastings, travel and more, there is a lot to discuss – BUT – this year I want to touch on everything we’ve experienced and the one common theme: DESIGN.

As design takes center stage in the world of luxury lifestyle, the bar for quality and innovation is being set and I for one am all too happy to see it. From interior decor to the sleek lines in fashion, there is a shift from edgy to sophisticated timelessness. Whether you see it in the tufting of a sofa, the body of a luxury car, or the packaging of your favorite tequila, designers have really stepped up their game.

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This year marked the first year I became a jury member for the International Design Awards. The experience opened my eyes to the mindset behind what we see in every variant of design. The beautiful translation being that, even outside of conceptualized design, it seems the commentary being spoken throughout the creative world is sounding louder and more refined than ever. From the culinary artistry chefs are displaying to the gorgeous, socially aware art that artists are exhibiting, there is an air of class and liberation that is utterly refreshing.
That was ever apparent as the year rounded out with the globally recognized platform for emerging and existing artists through Art Basel. It is impossible to ignore the sheer talent that has taken hold. Contemporary art has grasped onto a blend of street art, modernism, geographic inclination, and most importantly, pop art. Much like the art revolution in the 1960’s, we are seeing that same spirited approach to work being presented by so many young artists. All of which are more significant than ever. Young artists have defied the idea that art has lost its meaning or purpose. How? By creating pieces not merely relevant, but emotionally conscious and socially empowering. A few artistic highlights include Louis CarreonMichael TurchinMassimo AgostinelliJason Dussault, and America Martin.



In the insatiable world of food, wine, and spirits, it seems a birthing of understated elegance has taken the stage. Ingredients have become far more flavor forward. Dishes no longer seem to be a mish-mosh of hyped formality but rather a work of art (rather delectable and edible art). Through the use of an ideology spearheaded by supporters of the farm-to-table movement, chefs are showing respect for nature, environment, and the remarkable distinction that what they serve should frolic on ones palate and thrive. The world of fare seems to be shifting its focus of “celebrity chefs” to granting those immensely talented chefs the platform to allow the food to be the star. It’s refreshing and quite honestly, it’s lovely to see … and … devour.



The films we have viewed and screened throughout the year at festivals and theaters have been truly eye-opening. There is much less use of CG and an abundance of quality storytelling. It looked like cinema had lost its way a bit as the reliance of digital technology trumped all else but it seems, for now at least, that filmmakers are getting back to the heart of movies: STORY. We have had our favorites to be sure but what has been delightful is to see so many foreign films cross pollinate with American Cinema and as a result, movie lovers around the world are getting a remarkable abundance of quality films.


I have personally extended our support of non-profits. I am now a Member of the Committee Board for YBA (Youth Business Alliance) working with inner city high schools’ brightest young minds throughout Los Angeles. YBA’s mission is to support our youth and give them guidance as they go into the workforce. In addition, I am the official 2016 Team Mascot for AIDS Lifecycle teamThe Bicycling Betties. In addition to that we are actively supporting the NoMore.OrgSeafood For the FutureSurfRider Foundation, and a slew of other organizations in an effort to continue the mission to unite humanity and care for our environment and youth in the process. 


This year, I have had the distinct pleasure of interviewing some of the most impacting visionaries in the world. From my favorite musical artist from my youth to artists changing the landscape of how art is viewed. To read ALL of our INTERVIEWS, visit our page devoted to their stories: HERE.



The standards, overall of, expectation have genuinely shifted. We are going back to that place where artists clearly have a deep passion and respect for their creations; chefs respect the culinary breadth for which they can play; fashion is leaning more towards timeless lines and effortless design, architecture is redefining how to blend vintage, modernism, and sustainability into homes and spaces that are truly breathtaking; and filmmaking is going back to its roots of telling a solid, original story. It’s an exciting time for creativity on the whole and as we enter into a new year, I encourage all of you to step outside of your comfort zones and explore the many things awaiting.

As for us at ATOD Magazine, we are growing our team even more. I have introduced readers to two new female writers: Lexi Scott and Lauren Annette and we have brought on a new photographer, Arthur Yang.   

In 2016 we will be expanding even more with Theatre, Film, Food, Art + Design Critics across the globe. We are also redesigning our Online Store and will have our own line of apparel available for purchase. A percentage of proceeds from all sales will go towards a chosen nonprofit organization. Our vision is to support visionaries and make a difference in this extraordinary world of ours. 


Me-MattOn that note, thank you for continuing to be a part of ATOD Magazine, for allowing us to share the passion in life with each of you. It is truly an honor we are all very grateful for.


Wishing you and yours a truly sensational 2016!



Dawn Garcia
Founder, Publisher + Editor-in-Chief
ATOD Magazine {A Taste of Dawn}

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Opportunities don’t often come along. So, when they do, you have to grab them.

– Audrey Hepburn

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