DENIM – The Boyfriend Jean

D E N I M | the boyfriend jean

“Jeans make you feel like you can breathe. Add some incredible heels, roll up the pant leg ever so slightly, throw on a whimsical flowing tank, a gorgeous jacket, grab a bold bag and some Bohemian jewelry and you are set! Denim is one thing. A boyfriend jean, an entirely new level of fashion freedom.”

– Dawn Garcia, ATOD Magazine

It’s more than borrowed fabric, the boyfriend jean is the perfect excuse to let your hair down while still rocking those killer heels! Spruce it up with a @JamesPearce tank and some fur and don your sexiest stilettos! You’ll feel relaxed and irresistible all at once …

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1. Get at least one size up from your normal size.

2. Worn vintage LEVI’s are still the best.

3. If your man isn’t much bigger than you, totally raid his jeans stash.

4. Rock those 4″ heels.

5. Yes, you can still wear them with your Converse.

6. Wear a great belt.

7. Relax. You look amazing!

8. Ladies, get bold with your purses. It’s ok to don that hobo bag you love.

9. Hoop earrings? No earrings? Pearls? Either way, find your style and play to your mood.

10. Remember that there is nothing more comfortable than a worn out pair of jeans and a breathable, simple tee.

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