The Jolly Oyster

The Jolly Oyster

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SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, CA – The Jolly Oyster officially opened their second location in Torrance, which continues to offer oysters and clams straight from their Baja California farms. All shellfish for sale have been raised or fished in a manner that align with the following values: to be natural, organic, healthy, sustainable, non-GMO, environmentally friendly, and community driven.

From the JO farms, you can expect delights such as Kumamoto and Pacific oysters, as well as a wonderful cross of the two: the Jolly oyster! If you’re looking for clams, The Jolly Oyster Market also sells their farm-raised briny but sweet Manila variety. Off the farm, from a well-managed fishery in Santa Barbara, come two varieties of Stone Crab Claws: Island Stones and Pacific Reds. In the coming months, seafood lovers can expect even more selections of locally caught delicacies!


At The Jolly Oyster Market we offer oysters and clams from our farms in addition to a variety of indigenous, directly sourced species that align with our values; to be natural, organic, healthy, sustainable, non GMO, environmentally friendly and community driven.

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Opening Hours

Monday/Tuesday : Closed
Wednesday to Friday: 11am to 8pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10am to 8pm

THE MARKET | 2143 W 182nd St. | Torrance



About The Jolly Oyster

Over 15 years ago, Mark Reynolds got together with Mark Venus, and the two friends planned the beginnings of a sustainable seafood business. They took two years searching the globe to find the ideal location to set up farms and finally settled on two spots in Baja California. The first farm was established in Laguna Manuela, followed by another in San Quintin.

In August 2011, The Jolly Oyster opened up shop on Ventura Beach with their Shuck Shack, which provides oysters and clams whole in the shell for you to shuck and cook yourself. They even provide instruction and guidance in a very relaxed atmosphere that brings you closer to your food. In February 2015, they delighted South Bay residents with the opening of their second location in Torrance. The Jolly Oyster Market will be open W-F: 11am-8pm and S-Su: 10am-8pm.

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