The Midas Hotel & Casino | Philippines

The Midas Hotel & Casino | Philippines

by Martin Gaeta


PASAY CITY, PHILIPPINES: The Midas Hotel & Casino is a beautiful white building strategically located in the heart of downtown Pasay. It’s a short cab ride to Makati and the E.D.S.A entertainment district. Sultry dance shows, fresh food, and karaoke bars are just some of the entertainment you can find. When the sun sets over Manila Bay, the party starts.

After 16 hours of travel and a 45 minute white-knuckling cab ride, I had finally arrived at what appeared to be an oasis. My taxi door opened and a man in a suit greeted me: “Sir Martin may I help you with your bags?” I wasn’t sure how they knew my name but I did appreciate being called “Sir”. Drunk from jetlag, I entered the lobby and quickly felt refreshed by the air-conditioning and the very polite staff. The Lobby is outfitted in mid-century modern décor. White stoned tile floor spread into the far corners and surrounded the support columns. Wispy LED chandeliers dangled from the ceiling like icicles. To my right, a lounge area with leather chairs along its perimeter, and a stage with a baby grand piano caught my eye. Eclectic yet chic I felt like the rat pack would have been right at home in this setting. The Midas Hotel has a welcoming ambiance that invoked gratitude in this weary traveler. As I was checking in, a precious staff member named A.J offered to make me a drink and before I could sign my name I was sipping my first mojito. Perfection. Ryan Rodrigues, one of the hotels gracious managers, presented me with my key card to the Junior executive suite. This exclusive level boasts a private bar and access to a sushi restaurant. Minutes before, I had been racing in a taxi on hot dusty streets with crater-like potholes wondering whether I would survive; now I sat in the lap of luxury. The suite had soft carpet, a king bed adorned with many pillows, a fluffy down comforter, large flat screen television, and a mini bar that could sedate a tall horse.

The Midas Café serves western cuisine along with traditional Filipino dishes, creative hors d’oeuvres, domestic fruits, and a large variety of fresh baked pastries. I made friends with the chef that was on standby during breakfast, personally making French toast for each guest; perfectly crisped edges with a soft custardy center, served alongside an array of toppings, from blue berries to pineapple compote. I tried local dishes such as pork tocino, panceit (a noodle dish) and caribou short ribs. Nothing disappointed in flavor or freshness and service in the restaurant was always attentive.


The 2702 Lobby Lounge is a great place to meet travelers – and – mingle with the locals. Every night they host a concert. I heard an all acoustic Journey cover band one night, my second night, classical jazz, and 90’s alternative by request. I decided to test my bartender’s knowledge and asked for an Old Fashioned. He began to crush a sugar cube in the bottom of an eight ball glass, dashed some angostura bitters but when I saw him reach for Scotch I couldn’t help but gasp. I explained to him that an authentic old fashioned has to be bourbon NOT any other type of whiskey. We had a good laugh about it and he graciously let me walk him through the process. The staff at the Midas are very conscientious and eager to learn how to serve their multinational guests. This place strives for amazing service every step of the way.

The Hotel has a steam room, pool and hot tub, but unfortunately when I was staying, their swimming facility was undergoing renovation. I did indulged in a half Swedish and half Thai full body massage. It was one of the most relaxing experiences I’ve ever had at a hotel. The gym facility was great! It was outfitted with state of the art machines, free weights, and a small yoga room. The Midas Hotel staff really made the difference in my experience. They take pride in hospitality with an old world sense of service, day or night, and I was treated like a king with a golden touch. The staff made sure I was well fed, comfortable and most importantly that my glass was never empty.


The MIDAS Hotel & Casino

2702 Roxas Boulevard

Pasay City 1300, Philippines

Contact Number: +63 902 0100

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ABOUT Midas Hotel

The Italian poet Cesare Pavese said, “We don’t remember days, we remember moments.” And this exactly is what we live by at Midas Hotel and Casino in Pasay City, Philippines.

These instances may be flashes of places, thoughts, and people that make up a beautiful imagery of life. It can be the rush of excitement when you win at the slots and the invigorating sensation the moment you taste a dish as rich as the complete buffet spread. Or, the lingering awe that strikes as you discover every elegant facet of the hotel: flattering fiber-optic lights throughout, ultra-luxury decor at the lobby, interior design by Atelier Almario, and designer amenities in each room. Such episodes are what we hope to inspire. We want you to enjoy exquisite conversations over glorious chow, romantic views of the metro, and lavish, soothing retreats framed by a majestic sunset.

Transcending boutique service and displaying a sharp focus on good design, Midas Hotel is a destination by itself. Located along Roxas Boulevard, within view of the famous Manila Bay, and a short distance from the SM Mall of Asia, and international and domestic airports, Midas Hotel Pasay is where rare, fulfilling hotel experiences are made and remain unsurpassed for long.




























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