WILD Weekend

WILD Weekend

#WILDMovie Women’s Retreat

BLOG ENTRY #1 – The very 1st official blog post for ATOD Magazine.

I was feeling kind of disappointed that the #WildMovie Women’s retreat came to an end. I will admit I was petrified at the onset of going – to be joining a group of women I’d never met. Call it high school jitters or life experience, but being amidst a group of fiercely driven women inspires me – and – terrifies me. The fear of being judged or rejected by colleagues or those I admire can be downright devastating. And … it wasn’t. For the first time in my life, I met some extraordinary women that I am beyond grateful to now call a friend. It was my brush with greatness and my later-in-life sorority of sorts. Every woman was there with a media outlet and while we were never properly introduced to one another, it was the handful of women I did bond with that have brought sunshine, inspiration, motivation and determination into my world.



Gathered here by Fox Home Entertainment to commemorate the BluRay, DVD and digital download release of “WILD”, the two nights and days spent in Palm Springs forever changed me. We arrived on a Sunday evening, checked into our rooms at the Parker Hotel (which was lovely, historic, and unfortunately, insanely expensive to dine at!). I arrived about 4:30pm and strolled the property as the sun gently hammered onto my flesh and the scent of dusk wafted all around … the birds beginning their evening lull with only a few noticeable chirps making their way into the branches and lush green leaves giving them shelter. I walked into the lobby and found George – the bartender with a gleaming smile and a sweetly charming disposition. I ordered a glass of Josh Cabernet and then I took my glass outside and simply sat down on the awaiting sofa and took a breath in. And then exhaled. My nervous worry of meeting other women was ever present but being outside in the beautiful brush of California heat calmed me.

As night drew in, the time to go to the screening of “WILD” on the ballroom lawn was upon me. I walked in after having had a lovely dinner in the company of Fox’s Virtual Reality Digital Division  and was greeted with a lineup of sweet concoctions from cones of freshly made popcorn to a candy dream of Milk Duds, Licorice, and a slew of other goodies. With a tribute to the old school women of Hollywood, the night was ready to begin … as was the screening. I grabbed a blanket and pillow and signed in where I was handed a purple REI backpack filled with all sorts of #WILD paraphernalia. The movie is about to begin …


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