ATOD on Hiatus

ATOD on Hiatus


[dropcap letter=”W”]hile the summer gets into full swing, we will be off traveling in order to bring you the highest quality content, create new guides and share our finds of rare gems with all of you! Thank you for being patient while we travel across several U.S. States, a few continents and begin our global reach. From food to travel tips and every gem in between, you can expect us to come back with SO many stories to tell.


Also, our team is growing. I am looking for contributors in Japan, Europe, China, Australia, South America, and India. If you are an exceptional writer or photographer (*Requirement: MUST SPEAK and WRITE English) who has a passion for story and journalism and want to explore your city and region, please email a sample of your work to:






We look forward to reading and viewing your work!


Writing from Oklahoma,


Dawn Garcia, Editor-in-Chief

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