The KIA Sedona

The KIA Sedona

Not your average minivan.


[dropcap letter=”T”]his year marked the first time I decided to take a road trip with my family and do a rather long travel feature focusing on “Luxury, Family Style”. Traveling over 15 days, my family and I would be crossing 5 states. (Oh yes, it was an adventure.) Being stuck in a car for that many days with your partner and your 8 year-old, well, let’s just say I knew there would be some challenges and finding the perfect vehicle to do it in was a top priority. Needless to say, finding the right car can be an overwhelming task so we turned to our friends at DriveShop. Jared Bruce and I talked about where I would be traveling, what I was looking for, as well as what were priorities and by the end of the day, KIA Motors had offered to lend us the KIA Sedona to take us through our trip. When the car was delivered, I have to say that I was impressed. At first sight, I was taken aback. Sure, it was a minivan, but this was a NICE minivan! Simple lines, beautiful interiors, additional features like a seat cooler for both the back and your bum, removable seating, sunroof, extensive chargers – you name it, it has it.

We signed the paperwork, but not before my daughter hopped in the open side door and sat down in the seat, adjusted her seat and it’s recliner (yep, the back seats have their own recliners!), and emphatically stated that she loved the car. We took the car home to pack up for our trip the following morning. Spacious, all of our suitcases, groceries – everything – fit like a glove in the trunk. This was going to be an epic adventure.

As the trip began, we set out to hit Nevada and Arizona by the end of day. The Sedona was like nothing I’ve ever been in. The settings were easy to master, syncing up all of our smart devices – a piece of cake, and the ride itself? Heavenly. (And I’m not exaggerating!) With the Los Angeles heat at it’s peak, the comfort of a well air conditioned minivan had all of us feeling cool, calm and collected.

As we arrived in Nevada to a whopping 118 degrees F, our bodies would have melted if not for the Sedona. This vehicle handles so smoothly in all-weather terrain! Throughout our travels to Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas (with a stop at the Four Corners to touch Utah and Colorado!), we encountered severe heat, thunder storms, heavy rain, and strong winds. The Sedona never once gave out, in fact it was our happy place since we spent the majority of our trip on the road. The seats were beyond comfortable, our smart devices were always charged, and gas didn’t kill us financially. We were actually amazed at how far we could go on a single tank of gas and that is saying a lot!

With a 276-horspower engine and an average 24 mpg on the highway, the Sedona is more than a minivan. It was our safe haven. Driving with a child on such a long adventurous journey means choosing a vehicle that is beyond safe, sporty enough to cure my mommy fun-side, and spacious enough to be sure my family and I had plenty of space to ourselves. The Sedona really is something I’d recommend to anyone looking for a family vehicle. You don’t have to be hauling a soccer team to appreciate the luxurious feel of this car. With all of the bells and whistles, this minivan takes boring and tosses it out the window.

Selfishly, I will say that I am pushing to add this car to our potential purchase list! I loved the feel of luxury without the overt price tag. Design is thoughtful and efficient. The KIA Sedona kept my family happy and happily comforted while we traveled across the western states.

A worthy mention:

Every Sedona

  • Sedona has more safety features than expected.
  • Rear camera display comes standard.
  • Standard heated front seats.
  • Can seat up to 8 comfortably.
  • MSRP: Base $26,400 – $45,000 (with bells + whistles)
  • Chrome details are available.
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Click on the link below to watch our FAMILY VIDEO of photos taken on our KIA Adventure …


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