Pearl’s Rooftop

Pearl’s Rooftop

A stairway to tasty comfort food

Photos by Dawn Garcia
[dropcap letter=”A”] reason to love the Sunset Strip is the plentitude of culinary delights from vegan to deli to Italian to Californian and everything in between (literally). Among the higher end of Sunset Blvd, bordering West Hollywood and Hollywood is Pearl’s Rooftop. While it’s been in town for a few years, the menu is continually being reprised and we were invited to come in and check it out. As the summer sun made sure we knew it was here to stay, we arrived a bit early and had a Happy Hour beer (for a whopping $3!) at Rock & Reilly’s downstairs. Pearl’s is located, as you’d suspect, on the rooftop of Rock & Reilly’s and Bar Fifty-Three. As the clock strikes 5:30pm, the black doors leading into the Playboy’s illustrious Bar Fifty-Three open and a happy smile is there to welcome us in. In order to get to Pearl’s Rooftop, you have to saunter down a clever hallway lined with vintage signs and photos until you see the stairwell leading upwards.

The Mickey Cohen © Dawn Garcia


Once you arrive at the top of the stairs you are greeted with a space just to your right that looks like it would fit rather perfectly somewhere in the French Quarter with cute white bistro chairs and tables and a hanging swing above green turf and a PhotoBooth with a lit marque sign to the right adjacent to the host stand. To the right is a bar and then up a few more steps is an outdoor rooftop with rustic wood flooring, high top and low top tables, another bar, a stone fireplace and a view of Sunset Blvd. that will make you feel a bit of nostalgia about the city, especially at night. As the summer sun continues to remind us of its presence, we begin to scour the menu. Bellies hungry and mouths thirsty, we place our order.


Jalapeño Bacon Mac n’Cheese with Maine Lobster | jalapeño, bacon, aged cheddar, panko crust

The lobster mac n’cheese is not meek on the chunks of fresh lobster, and the bacon throughout only adds to it. This is cheesy and plentiful with subtle heat from the jalapeño plated in the skillet it’s baked in allowing for the panko edges to crisp and that’s something everyone can applaud.


Crab Cakes | blue swimmer crab, potato remoulade, market radishes

While these were a tab bit dry, they were plated nicely and I liked that they weren’t the traditional pancake-like crab cakes but rather nicely domed balls of breaded crab infused with flavor.


Sherry Fig Salad | spinach, arugula, goat cheese, toasted hazelnut, sherries fig dressing

Quite honestly, this was my favorite. Incorporated into the salad (not included in the description) are figs halved and bathed with sherry, making them dense, juicy, and gorgeous. This is a refreshing salad and the way the figs have been soaked, well, the dressing only adds to the burst of summer you get in every bite.


Lollipop Lamb Chops | romesco, charred leeks, arugula, scallion oil

Lamb is one of those carnivorous treats that must be prepped just so. If there is the absence of salt and spice or no trace of butter, the lamb, if overdone or under seasoned can get lost on the plate in spite of its beauty. While the meat was tender, the seasoning was just a little too bland for my preference.


Soup of the Day | vegan tortilla soup { + gluten free}

This soup was phenomenal! It was ripe with cilantro and tomato with bits of avocado and every single slurp was delicious. This is the kind of soup that surprises you and one you could eat on the regular.


MiCKEY CoHEN | casamigos tequila, passionfruit, agave nectar, strawberry-jalapeno-lime ice sphere, strawberry and lime garnish

While sweet and spicy, the casamigos tequila balances itself in the glass swarming with tropical fruits and a little kick of heat. This drink reminded me a little less of an Italian gangster and instead reminded me of being somewhere in Central America far away from the buzz of the city.


MOoD INDiGO | 50 blue vodka, blackberry, basil, lemon juice, Pages Violet Liqueur

This cocktail was really bright and fresh but the violet liqueur allowed for the floral essence to magnify the fruits of the blackberry in the glass.

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