LA’s Pink Taco – New Menu, New Appeal

Pink Taco

Angeleno’s Have A New Spot to Brunch

photos ©by Dawn Garcia


[dropcap letter=”W”]hen driving down famed Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, there is one bright pink fixture that will catch your eye: PINK TACO. With a name that clearly has cheeky intent, Pink Taco Hollywood is a restaurant and bar that while known for being a party stop has since evolved to also being a great place to brunch, grab a bite day or night, enjoy some tasty cocktails and inhale some homemade chips. With an approach to dining that is business savvy to having a team and culinary crew that aren’t afraid to keep mixing it up, the location alone makes it a fantastic people watching destination and an iconic LA symbol.

Pink Taco Sunset Strip | 8225 Sunset Blvd. | Los Angeles, CA 90046
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Pink Taco was launched in Hollywood in 2011 and over the last six years, it’s undergone some fab new changes. With an interior décor that’s fun to look at (including the seats lined with vintage Dia de los Muertos themed fabric wrapped in vinyl), large paintings and rustic wooden tables and benches, there is a lot to keep your eyes busy (including beautiful servers and bartenders). The contrast here between day and night is one that encompasses what life in LA is like: lively, creative, provocative and fun. Recently, they launched a brand new brunch menu so while the LA sunshine reigns down with joy, Pink Taco has a menu that appeals to gluten-free vegetarians or steak-loving,  churro eatin’ diners alike. At night as the sun sets and the city comes to life, the lights strewn above on the outdoor patio, the deeply lit shades of pink inside all lend to an ambiance that is opposite the earlier hours. All in all, Pink Taco is more than its name.

Now let’s get down to what I ate!

Something Pink | Código 1530 Blanco Tequila (comes with souvenir glass)
Avocado Chile Margarita | Casamigo
Tres Tacos: The Ape, Baja Taco, Pink Taco

Eggs Benedict

Green Benedict {grilled 7-grain bread, cotija cheese, fried avocado, green chile hollandaise and avocado salsa
Red Benedict {grilled 7-grain bread, cotija cheese, chorizo, chorizo hollandaise}
Chips, Salsa + Guacamole
Homemade Churros with chocolate and très leche dipping sauces
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My brunch started with their latest cocktail, “Something Pink”. Made with Código 1530 Blanco and a prickly pear purée, this cocktail is bright pink (as its name suggests) and topped with an edible orchid. It’s light and refreshing. Before I delve into the second cocktail, Brian Mackenzie (manager) brings out some chips and guacamole with their house salsa. I really like the salsa and few things beat freshly made tortilla chips! The guac is chunky but I’d love it with just a little more chile, salt or lime to make the avocado pop. The salsa is smoky and spicy and never dulls.

I place an order for the Avocado Chile Margarita made with Casamigos and three street tacos: Pink Taco, the Ape, and the Baja. I had tried the Ape taco by chance at their first taco truck event last fall and loved it so I was more than happy to get it again, however my favorite ended up being the Baja this time. Something about the way the perfect grill of the mahi mahi and the avocado pico and chipotle mayo blended with the spiced cabbage, it made it easy to inhale. The Ape is their vegetarian taco made with sweet potatoes, three ways. Fried, pureed and crisped, any fan of a good vegetarian taco will easily order more. Lastly, the signature Pink Taco is made with chicken achiote and black beans and is respectively a tasty taco. The margarita won me over within its very first sip. I’m a huge fan of avocado margaritas and they aren’t that easy to come across but their version with the perfect blend of chile and salt hit the spot (and is my go-to come Happy Hour!).

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Here to taste the brunch menu specifically, I then order a combination of both of the eggs benedicts, red and green and this is well worth the price of admission. Made with seven grain bread that tastes as good as any homemade bread should, it’s the contrast of flavors that I think set them apart. Brunch really is the meal I’m most critical of because I want something new and exciting rather than the same old tried and true so, my compliments to the chef on this one. The avocado hollandaise is hands down one of the most interesting I’ve had with fried avocado, traces of cilantro and lime and the way they made the hollandaise! It is so light but in no way lacking in taste. And then I move on the chorizo! As a girl who grew up in a Mexican household, chorizo is a Saturday morning must and this Eggs Benedict made with chorizo is fantastic! Once again the departure from the typical Eggs Benedict is a success and without being overly salty or rich, the hollandaise really is the one you’ll finish every last drop of. 

Soon I have the pleasure of being joined by Joshua Ranta, the GM. Josh is also a native Angeleno and we talk about everything from growing up in LA to the story behind the food truck (which, by the way, he happens to be in on most days). Then we start talking about Chef Chavez and the menu that is about 90% gluten free! That’s astounding for any restaurant let alone a fixture in Hollywood because honestly, its gluten free without boasting. Even the churros which are some of the best I’ve had are made with rice flour! Served alongside two sauces: chocolate and caramel, you will not be able to stop yourself from eating every last churro. While chocolate sauce is reliable, I found myself all too eager to ditch the chocolate and give in entirely to the caramel sauce. Creamy, sweet and not too rich, that’s the winner with the perfectly crisped, sugar cinnamon dusted sticks of gluttony. It’s like Werther’s but better.

As someone who loves to eat out in this city, I enjoy revisiting the staples and Pink Taco is doing wonders in terms of changing their perception. The cuisine is good Mexican and the fact that it tastes fresh – is because it is. Sourcing the majority of the ingredients locally is something I’m a big fan of. So, now that they’re open for brunch? Add this to the list of places to stop in and eat. And should you be looking for a good happy hour, they happen to have one seven days a week!

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Undergoing some recent renovations, make sure to also give a look at their retail store on site. Just imagine the conversation when you show up with a shirt that says, “Pink Taco”. While it’s still a great place to party any given night, we think the menu deserves an equal mention. Open Monday through Friday at noon and weekends at 11a.m., give those eggs Benedict a try, and when you do? Make sure to share on Instagram and tag us so we know what you think!


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