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PHOTOS by Dawn Garcia | A Collaboration with Visit Düsseldorf + AirBerlin
[dropcap letter=”D”]üsseldorf can be described in a multitude of words that would eloquently tell you what it is and why it’s so exquisite but rather than get lofty with vocabulary, I will simply say that it is a German city that is, in it’s essence, the very culmination of what luxury in Germany has to offer. With a rich history that dates back pre-WWII (a history we associate with the entire country), Düsseldorf has become the place for affluence and cultural diversity. With a quality of life that exemplifies the finer things with an air of simple living, it is a city that appeals to the wealthy and the ambitious alike. No other hotel I saw exemplifies that quite like Breidenbacher Hof a Capella Hotel.

From personal butlers to rooms that are bigger than most New York lofts, the engrossing elements of this hotel are meant to take you to a new height of luxury. From the onset, I was submerged into absolute grandeur. Shown to my room by my own personal concierge, I was shown through the “living room” where sofas, chairs, daily snacks, bottles of water, classical music and calm await – taken then to my elevator that would lead me to my room that seemed more like an estate wing than a mere place to rest my head. As the door opens, the foyer exists with a guest bathroom which then opens up to my dining room, living room, desk, open terrace view of the greens and to my left is my en suite (fit for a queen I may add). The bedroom housed with a king size bed, a large ebony accented hallway with a closet on both sides – one with a robe and slippers, another there for shoes, luggage, items in need of a hanger and then? The bathroom. The elegance is quite wonderful with a water closet to the left, a well equipped sink with an in-mirror television screen to watch while one gets ready, a tall standalone shower, and a jacuzzi tub stocked with bath salts, a candle and blissful ambiance. There was even a plate stocked with fresh apricots, chocolate, a hand written message (written in chocolate), a letter and a bag full of maps and information on Düsseldorf as a whole. The information included museum guides, dining overviews, a traditional bottle of local liqueur, and a feeling of welcome that I found endearing.

BREIDENBACHER HOF | Königsallee 11 | 40212 Düsseldorf, Germany

Amazing Hotel in Düsseldorf | BREIDENBACHER HÖF from Dawn Garcia on Vimeo.

Breidenbacher Hof | Königsallee 11 | 40212 Düsseldorf, Germany
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Once checked in, we were invited to dine for lunch at BRASSERIE “1806”. Located just past the living room, Brasserie 1806 is an open, bright dining room with service that is exceptional. Everyone that works here is someone to remember and once the dining experience begins, you are greeted with continued familiarity and grace from the entire staff. Like any culinary-centric city, Düsseldorf is celebrating the season of asparagus while we were there. The asparagus grown is primarily a white asparagus (though they do have smaller batches of green) with large firm stalks that tastes both sweet and bitter. Sautéed, grilled, puréed, or turned into a soup or sauce, this is unlike any asparagus I’ve had in the states. Before lunch is served, we begin with freshly made breads served with oil and balsamic. The bread is moist and easily the catalyst for a welcomed carbohydrate food coma. Without having to ask, a bottle of Riesling is opened and our empty stem glasses are soon filled with German’s nectar of the gods (honestly, the Riesling in Germany is the kind of beautiful wine that will turn any die hard red wine savant into a willing novice – including this one). The proteins are freshly grilled salmon and the regional staple of schnitzel. The lunch was just as good as it looks.

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the Capella Bar + Cigar Lounge

Entering the Capella Bar & Cigar Lounge I had no idea that I was about to embark on a literary journey that would appeal to my cinematic desires and my longing for story resting in the cold awaiting rim of a well filled glass. Ordering the “Dead Poets Society” admittedly I did so because I needed to know what constituted a $32 libation. With one oversized whiskey cube in the vintage inspired beveled glass, the mixologist smiles and delivers the drink and a rubber stamped letter. He informs me that one must go with the other and my soul is set ablaze. Could it be that the man behind the bar could mesmerize me and intoxicate the pleasure centers of my mind with poetic prowess? Turns out he can. I take my letter and my cocktail and feel like I must enjoy this in the quiet solitude of my room and so off I go.

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Ordering in-room dining has always been a bit of a disappointment for me as I travel but at Breidenbacher Hof? My mind was changed the moment I ordered my daily green smoothies and the truly indulgent waffles with warm cherries in an allspice and cinnamon reduction served with freshly squeeze grapefruit juice and a cappuccino. Not only was every bite utterly sinful, it looked like refinement. Service at this Capella Hotel is precise and easy so ordering in-room dining isn’t something to question. The daily green smoothies were something they made to order – a healthy blend of spinach, cucumber, apples, lemon and a mix of other superfoods that kicked my day off right. Needless to say, had I known the food would be so delectable, I may have ordered it every morning!

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The city of Düsseldorf is astounding. There is a story that spans centuries sprinkled throughout the city but its most known for style, art and being a rather divine place for high society. While the hotel was the most magnificent place to rest my head while in the city, I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the art, the architecture, getting to know the people and eating and drinking at incredible bars and restaurants in different neighborhoods. My favorite stops were the K20 and K21 Museums housing some of the more social and politically forward thinking contemporary art exhibitions. From Dixon to Saraceno’s “in orbit” wire playground 35meters above ground, I found myself lost in the wake of creativity. Wandering through the streets of Düsseldorf is a welcomed adventure and it helps that just about everyone speaks English (though I did love trying our my German!).

There are so many things to do while in Düsseldorf so I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite stops while in town. This is certainly on my lists of Top 10 Places to Visit.

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Williams Bar

Kürzer Brewery

Pardo Bar

Sir Walter Bar & Club

Geschäft Gut & Gerne

Carlsplatz Markt

Braurei Schumacher

Giovanni L. Ice Cream

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K20 | K21


RheinturmRhine Tower

Königsallee Düsseldorf

Classic Remise

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