Cocktails to Help You Slip Into Fall

Five cocktails that are simply seductive and ideal for welcoming in the season.

Fall is a season that has an undeniable air of romance. Something to do with the canvas of color that paints the landscapes all around us with a spectrum of ambers and golds, tangerine and chocolate tones taking hold of leaves as far as the eyes can see. It’s magnificent and seductive, which is why it’s our favorite time of year to sip on cocktails that take in every piquant range of crisp, refreshing, and often introspective spirits that can leave us in a tantalizing state of mind.

The French have an uncanny way of invoking a sense of sexy into most everything they do and that’s why this month we’re featuring Noilly Prat. The Noilly Prat company is based in Marseillan, in the Hérault department of southern France, and is a subsidiary of Bacardi-Martini. Joseph Noilly, an herbalist born in Lyon, developed the first formula in 1813, 50 years before the now archetypal vermouth, martini. What became of Noilly’s vision has spanned over two hundred years with a French spirit fit for f[all].

Below is a look at five sultry Noilly Prat autumn cocktails you can make at home:

Noilly Toddy, a snug and sweet upgrade on the classic, with notes of vanilla and baking spice from Noilly Prat Rouge vermouth, rich cognac, chocolate bitters, and black tea.

French Cobbler, with flavors reminiscent of a citrusy, herbal classic cobbler, thanks to this particular vermouth’s nutty notes (almost akin to a pastry crust), balanced with fresh blood orange juice for a festive touch.

Caffe Noilly, a pick me up after heartier fall meals or are espresso martini and negroni fans, this is another new fall cocktail must-try. A coffee-inspired Negroni variation with amaro, coffee, and bourbon highlighting the clove, chocolate, and spice notes of the rouge vermouth.

Marseillan 75, one bubble lovers can savor with beautiful blends the herbaceous, botanical blend of Noilly Prat Extra Dry vermouth with St-Germain elderflower liqueur and sparkling pear cider making it ideally apt for fall.

Trapazinno’s “Fig Negroni” is another cocktail guaranteed to warm you up this season with its vast flavor profile incorporating the swift cleanse of gin, fig bitters and fig-infused Martini Rosso that makes it the kind of drink that has a textured richness you’ll want more of. 

This article was done in collaboration with Noilly Prat via Nike Communications.

Noilly Toddy


1 ¼ oz Noilly Prat Rouge

½ oz D’usse VSOP

½ oz demerara syrup (2:1)

½ oz lemon juice

3 oz black tea (English breakfast or similar)

2 dashes chocolate bitters

1 dash angostura bitters


Method: Build ingredients besides tea into glass, top with piping hot tea.

Glass: Toddy glass

Garnish: Cinnamon stick

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French Cobbler


2 ½ oz Noilly Prat Original Dry

¾ oz blood orange juice

¼ oz lemon

¼ oz demerara syrup (2:1)

1 dash orange bitters


Method: Build in glass, swizzle with crushed ice, add crushed ice to top.

Glass: Collins

Garnish: Fresh rosemary sprig

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Marseillan 75 


1 ½ oz Noilly Prat Extra Dry

¾ oz St~Germain Elderflower Liqueur

½ oz lemon juice

¼ oz simple syrup

1 dash absinthe

2 oz pear cider


Method: Short shake, strain into glass with ice, and top with cider

Glass: Wine glass

Garnish: Nutmeg and pear slices

Caffé Noilly


1 ½ oz Noilly Prat Rouge

1 oz Angel’s Envy Bourbon

½ oz coffee liqueur

½ oz amaro (I used Amaro di Angostura)

6 drops saline


Method: Stir, and strain into a rocks glass with ice.

Glass: Rocks glass

Garnish: Orange expression

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Trapazinno’s “Fig Negroni”


1 oz Bombay Sapphire Gin

1 oz Martini & Rossi Bitter Liqueur 

1 oz Fig-Infused Martini Rosso

2 dashes fig bitters


Method: Build all ingredients in a rock glass over a large ice cube.

Glass: Rocks glass

Garnish: An orange twist.

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