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#TrendsTues™ – Gwen Stefani – Style Icon

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More than just a girl, Gwen Stefani has blossomed from her humble beginnings as the lead vocalist in Ska band No Doubt playing greasy garage shows on the weekends to a worldwide fashion icon. After recording a solo album, winning World’s Best-Selling New Female Artist in 2005, debuting her own clothing line and starting a family of four, she still has time to live the platinum blonde life. Gwen effortlessly incorporates global fashion into her wardrobe, merging British punk rock with Japanese influences on top of her native OC vibe to form a force of fashion that quite literally, ‘rocks’ the red carpet. So for this week’s #TrendsTues™, we decided to explore some of the signature looks she has showcased throughout her career, from pink-streaked locks to crop tops. Dear Gwen, our love for you is rock steady.


Ali: To me, Gwen Stefani was never just a girl. Between her sense of style, amazing voice and obsessed fans and fashionistas that launched her trends into street wear, Gwen was always one to sweat. She’s the real deal.


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Dawned perfectly in plaid, Gwen exemplifies punk rock androgyny with a striped tie and newsboy hat while keeping her femininity through her signature red lips, subtle cat-eye and post-pregnancy abs. Underneath it all, she is one hot mama.


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Even her sidewalk style, casually accessorized by a gold chain and sunglasses, is hella good.



LAMB store.


Her clothing line, L.A.M.B(Love. Angel. Music. Baby) is a retro-meets mod version of classic, with a touch of Avant-Garde.


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Upon visiting Japan, Gwen fell in love with the style and culture of the Harajuku girls that sported everything from cupcakes in their hair to full-blown anime costumes. During much of her solo career she was always seen with her Harajuku backup dancers, named a fragrance after them, and dedicated an entire song on her solo album to their ‘wicked style.’


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Back in the late 90s, Gwen popularized the hot-pink hair fad. When push comes to shove, this girl is a trendsetter.


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Don’t speak, your style says it all.



She has been an explosive style icon since the early nineties.  Gwen has reinvented herself through the years, but still managed to stay true to her knitty-gritty rocker OC girl roots.  Her signature red lips and platinum blonde hair remain a classic look, which is sought after by many women.

I envy Gwen Stefani’s ability to mix different styles. Gwen is known for her look that walks the line between classic screen siren and rocker chic. She defines the term ‘personal style’, as she can pull from any style and somehow still make it look badass – and intrinsically ‘her’.
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– Ali & @Team_ALD