The REAL Secret to Health and Fitness

Looking and feeling better means dedication and consistency and the results are you performing at your very best

If you want to save millions of dollars, odds are, you have to save it a little at a time.  Every week, every month, and every year you have to put some money aside.  Over time, your savings grows and after 20-30 years of consistent effort, your savings is larger than you’ve ever imagined.

An athlete dreams of competing on television and winning a the big stage.  They’ve thought about it since they were a child, their work ethic is on point, they show up to practice, keep a good attitude, stay focused, eat good food, recover, overcome obstacles and stay consistent.  After about 10 years of consistent, focused effort, people begin to call that athlete ‘lucky’.  Its not luck, he/she was just willing to do the work and stay consistent.  That hard work multiplied and developed a mentally and physically strong athlete.

A woman dreams of owning her own business.  She has a great idea, starts small, struggles, second guesses herself, but believes in her plan and executes it with enthusiasm.  After a couple years her company is breaking even and starting to gather steam.  Her experience over the last couple years has helped her refine her strategy, learn from her mistakes and streamline the business plan.  She has networked in her industry and is starting to make some noise.  As she stays consistent and continues to deliver a quality service, her business will continue to thrive and improve.

I’m not sure if these fictional stories hit home or not, but the point is that nothing comes easy.  Everything from raising children to starting a business requires a consistent work ethic and the ability to stay focused, even when you don’t feel like it.  Striving towards a worthwhile goal is not easy and that’s why simply staying consistent is the secret to getting amazing results in the gym or from your workout program.

The majority of people quit or are very inconsistent.  I see it every week.  People come in with lofty goals that are fueled by emotion and then fall off as soon as life throws a couple curve balls their way.  Maybe it’s a busy schedule, kids activities, not enough sleep, a rowdy weekend or something similar.  Bottom line is that the list of excuses could be miles long.  What matters is that you show up, do the best you can and stay consistent and committed to the goal that you’ve made, even when the emotion that initially fueled that decision has passed.

Think about it for a second.


Have you ever made a New Years resolution or set some goal for yourself?

How consistent were you?

Did you consistently eat well?

Did you miss any workouts?

Do old habits hold you back?

Ever woke up and hit snooze?

Of course, we all have.  The point here is not to make you feel bad, but to open your eyes and make you conscious of your own habits that are holding you back.  Get honest with yourself and you may be able to navigate more efficiently through your days and weeks, so that the important goals that you have set have priority in your life.

Don’t sweat the details … just wake up and do something positive each day.  Over time, you will find activities, foods and habits that fit better into your life – and as you stay consistent, you will build momentum.  That momentum will gather strength over the years and before you know it, people will start calling you lucky or gifted.  Little do they know that your success is simply fueled by the simple decision to stay consistent.