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[dropcap letter=”M”]assy Arias is a force. A force that proves that women can take charge of their lives, their body, their health and their happiness. If you’ve ever seen her, she is one charismatic woman and recently we had the pleasure of interviewing her while she spoke alongside Soledad O’Brien in support of PowHERFul, a truly life-changing organization and movement inspiring and empowering young women by giving them the tools they need to fulfill their dreams of going to college. Speaking to hundreds of young women gathered in Los Angeles for PowHERful Summit, Arias and O’Brien took the time to motivate these women to work hard, not give into discouragement and know that they were not only there to inspire and encourage but they were also these young women’s advocates. In fact, through PowHERful, not only do these young women have an opportunity to be mentored by women in all areas of professional development but they also offer full college scholarships to a select group of women and, as the organization grows, the amount of scholarship funds available are ever increasing.

Massy, as I said, is a force. A woman who knows who she is, what she’s capable of and what she wants to see in the future. She plans on changing lives and if you follow her on social media, you know she already has.

I one day hope to influence a new generation of trainers to teach people a lifestyle instead of a quick fix to get a bikini body. I want to teach people to fully believe that being healthy really is being happy.

Massiel “Massy” Indhira Arias is Dominican Republic born but American raised. She is bilingual, hard working and willing to share all of her success and her setbacks. She has overcome tremendous obstacles, pushed her limitations and has turned her own experiences into a positive outlet the world benefits from … in more ways than one. While she may be the face of physical fitness and achievement, she is also the face of a woman that represents the embodiment all women should strive for. She is strong, smart, driven, beautiful, fearless, fierce, generous, loving, well spoken and isn’t afraid to fail. In other words, much like O’Brien, she is a stunning portrayal of what inspiration looks like … and now she is about to embark on the next great adventure: motherhood. I have no doubt she is going to rock at it! Below is a look at our one-on-one interview during the PowHERful Summit:

What inspired you to get involved with PowHERful?

My sole purpose is to help empower women. I was inspired to participate in this event as a it is a great opportunity to speak with young girls about my own personal experiences and hopefully inspire them to go in the right direction.


What opportunities have you seen transpire for some of these girls and young women that you’ve met while working with Soledad and the Summit?

More than opportunities, I think these young women were given different points of views in many areas such as health, business, education and self development. There were many things that were clarified in these discussions that helped them feel empowered while being hopeful about the future.

I think the girls who attended the event had the chance to connect and meet girls who had the same interests as them, as well as others in various fields. I believe this creates a synergy in which they can help each other succeed, especially if their respective fields have something in common.

For example, after the break I met a girl named Eileen who drove 18 hrs from Texas to this event. Eileen expressed that her dream is to start her own Yoga practice. While Eileen and I were discussing this, we met another girl who had been trying to grow and expand her business. Even though they didn’t live near each other, they exchanged contact information. I think this is extremely powerful and I see it as a big opportunity for Eileen to learn from someone who is now a business owner.


How has this organization impacted the way you approach your own success?

This organization has inspired me to start planning to offer more events, such as these, where I am connecting with all of the women who follow me on a daily basis. I think this is a powerful way to empower the people who support me the most.


Has there been a moment in your own career where you struggled but made a conscious decision to move forward in spite of obstacles?

When I started my fitness journey and career  transition I came was challenged with many obstacles. I started offering boot camps at Central Park and there were times that a single person wouldn’t even show up. I did not let that discourage me and I continued to pursue what I love. On the other hand, my parents were not familiar with this field and despite their efforts to try to convince me to take another path, I still followed my heart.

I face challenges on a daily basis. And one thing I truly believe in, is that obstacles and failures have taught me lessons. I have never really lost anything, either I have succeeded, or I have learned from whatever mistake I’ve come across.

Photo By Eric Espada/Starfish Foundation

What can you do in your own business to help empower young girls and women to believe in their potential – and – their health and overall well-being?

Right now I’m working on an affiliate system through my #MA30DAY programs. Last year I started developing programs that enabled me to reach the international market I currently have through my social media platforms. There are hundreds of women who join my programs each time I launch them. The women who truly make the transition to change their lifestyles completely inspire me to try and give back.

I started with 13 awesome women who have  embraced the program and a healthy lifestyle. I saw how they were sharing this with so many people and how they completely transformed their lives. Currently these women have their own websites and using their social media platforms, they now can recommend the program to whoever they inspire through their own stories, while also getting a percentage of it. Even though the program is self explanatory, they now can help other women.

I’m not sure how much bigger this will develop, but I am hoping that next year we have an even more structured system.

Moreover, the #Mawarriorcommunity is getting larger. By next year I hope to have meet ups in every city of women who participate in my programs. This is going to help so many girls out there to start meeting others who are on the same path.


As a personal aside, as I have committed to a healthier, more fit version of myself, I found myself glued to her website, gaining insight, new information, encouragement and eating programs that are actually doable. It doesn’t take a miracle to get to where you want … it takes focus, determination and forgiving yourself along the way but Massy can certainly help you get there.

Here is to the incredible woman Massy is and if you’re ready to take your fitness to the next level, check out the two programs available on her site: MA30DAY and 8-Week Challenge.

You can learn more about her vegan nutrition plan as well by clicking here:

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Massiel “Massy” Indhira Arias is the exuberant Certified Personal Trainer, formerly known as Mankofit, who is changing lives and inspiring a new generation of trainers. Born in the Dominican Republic, Massy has been an American resident since the age of 14 and currently resides and trains out of Los Angeles, California. She sets the example for how adopting a healthy diet and active lifestyle can change individual lives mentally, physically, and spiritually. She has committed herself to a healthy life with which she herself has emerged from depths of depression and physical limitations to become the glowing motivational force she is to millions around the world.

The bilingual trainer’s maturity has developed from a life of worldly experiences that has tested her strength throughout the years. By working through obstacles and taking control of her own future, Massy’s knowledge, perseverance, and ingenuity have given her the ability to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds. She has earned the respect of both women and men by showing that it is possible to accomplish almost anything with dedication, focus, and a positive mindset. She remains a humble role model to both the English and Spanish speaking communities and only looks forward to reaching around and motivating the world.

Massy Arias inspires women to be strong and proud as her determination and dedication to building physical and mental strength sets an empowering trend in fitness lifestyles. Her positive vision and dedication to changing the fitness industry are revered by followers and media around the world. She has been featured by American, Latin American and European print, television and radio outlets.