#theATOD5 Brands To Love In February

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5 reasons to buy with love in your heart

COVER PHOTO by Kaitlyn Rodriguez

No, we won’t go crazy with talk of Valentine’s Day but since love is on everyone’s mind, we wanted to share 5 brands we absolutely adore. Yes, it’s true, they make great – and clever – gifts (any time of year) but we figured maybe as an homage to romantics and anti-Vday’ers alike, we’d find some products you need on the regular.

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1. Love Pop | $10-13

It’s a card. And it’s pricey but you know what else it is? It’s a real, tangible piece of hand crafted art that also happens to deliver a personal message. It’s the gorgeous handmade paper greetings that send a strong message that you’re not just running to the nearby store for a card you totally forgot to pick up. This is a “do-over” for all the overly sappy, ridiculously over dramatic, poorly written cards you’ve gotten in the past (don’t worry, we’ve all been there).

LovePop might have millions of social media fans (thanks to Shark Tank) but there’s a reason for it: they brought back the idea that cards are personal and beautiful and hopefully something you’ll treasure in the years to come. So consider this the light bulb going off and your personal notes no longer weight bearing wastes of time. You’re welcome (well, you can thank them, not us).

Pop your LovePop cherry …

[button content=”Get Your LovePop” color=”black” text=”white” url=”https://www.lovepopcards.com/products/lovers-dogwood-tree-yellow-pop-up-card” openin=”_blank”]


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2. Carol Shoshona | $50

Aromatherapy is a big deal here at ATOD. With the hours on the clock ticking constantly around us, we’re always looking for ways to de-stress. We do 5-minute meditations but sometimes we need to take it to the next level which is where the sprays from Carole Shoshona come in. With scents of nature wafting all around you, those super chaotic moments seem a lot less burdensome when you spray a few sprays into the air around you. We’re not saying you won’t still want to MMA your co-worker but it might encourage a 10-count before you try your hand at close combat.

EMPOWER (see? It’s totally what you need.)

[button content=”De-STRESS | buy here” color=”black” text=”white” url=”http://www.barneys.com/product/carole-shashona-empower-mist-501690678.html” openin=”_blank”]

Carole Shashona’s Empower mist fills the room with a mandarin citrus and basil scent. Inspired by the art of Feng Shui, this stimulating fragrance infuses a space with positive energy.

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3. Feedback Straps | $148

photos by Kaitlyn & Kamryn Rodriguez (girl not included)

Anyone with a camera knows that finding a camera strap that’s comfy and stylish is kind of the needle in a haystack scenario. In other words, it doesn’t usually happen (for less than a chunk of change). So … we found a solution. Feedback Straps are vintage inspired camera straps that attach to your camera using leather connectors. Not only will your shoulder thank you, so will your sense of fashion and individuality. We loved it so much we actually did a photoshoot with our youngest staff photographer, Kaitlyn Rodriguez.

This is the kind of feedback we all love …

[button content=”Feedback to Swoon Over” color=”black” text=”white” url=”http://www.feedbackstraps.com/hemp-camera-straps-leather-ends” openin=”_blank”]

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4. 2017 Moët Rosé Champagne | $58

We can go on all day about how much we love a good glass of bubbles but we just happen to think this 2017 limited edition Moët Rosé Impérial Emoëticons is straight up adorable! And just because there aren’t a lot of bottles to go around, you might be able to find them online (they’re sold out otherwise) but we alsol happen to think you should go ahead and buy the Moet rose champagne regardless. It’s bright and fanciful and downright fun.


[button content=”#RoseAllDay” color=”black” text=”white” url=”https://www.reservebar.com/moet-and-chandon-rose-imperial” openin=”_blank”]


Plus, whether you’re feeling all seductive and want some champagne to get you started – or –  you’re in your pj’s, watching the Bourne series in secret, and want to drink a bottle of bubbles to yourself, this is a fab go-to. Plus? It’s a pink bottle with personality!

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5. Crosley Turntable (for real) | $249

It seems like we’re kidding but actually? We’ve fallen head over heels with the idea of bringing vinyl back (not that we think it was ever actually gone).

Not only are these Crosley turntables the coolest looking in terms of design, they take us back to times when people actually stayed home, played records (aka “vinyl”) and danced with their loved ones, sipped on some bourbon or just woke up to something awesome to listen to while enjoying their morning cup o’ joe.

In other words, this turntable is the kind of thing that says, “I LOVE – you, myself, music, old school, art, design …” you get the gist. You HAVE to own one.


[button content=”TURN ME ON” color=”black” text=”white” url=”http://www.crosleyradio.com/turntables/product-details?productkey=CR6233A&model=CR6233A-RE” openin=”_blank”]

So while you go visit their site and find yourself lost for hours, we highly recommend doing it with a stiff drink in hand. We find it helps heighten the vinyl turntable shopping experience.

Now, don’t hate us for saying it, but HAPPY VDay! V, by the way, can stand for Victory, Vivacious, Vavavoom or … Valentine’s. Whatever, this one is dealer’s choice …