Fashion Report: Must Have Accessories

#TrendsTues™ – Must Have Accessories!!

Ali’s #TrendsTues™ – Must Have Accessories!!

by Ali Levine of Ali Levine Designs


For #MANic Monday, we focused on classic accessories that every man should know how to incorporate into his style. But why should guys get to have all the fun when everybody knows that diamonds are a girl’s best friend?! And in honor of bling, our team collaborated on accessories for this season that they just cannot live without. From kicks to cuffs, we have assembled an array of accessories which are sure to transform the genre of your favorite ensemble into a fresh and funky look.

My picks? A trend I love and can’t live without for this season is what’s called the Aquatic Snakeskin. Think reptilian textures and under the sea colorscapes in various shades. Different looks, jewelry shoes, I’m obsessed with this trend.  Dress it up, dress it down, it’s perfect for your wardrobe!

Another fun sassy trend is Tribal. Loving the attention to detail for the embellishments and stitching, especially on the jewelry.

Last but not least, bright colors!! Bold, daring color has been seen all over the runway and is still showing up for summer. I am loving the bright handbags, bright accessories and even bright shoes. Add some bright to your outfit. Brights are the staples of my outfits this summer! I am just in love.

Here are some other things to keep an eye out for:

Head Gear: This is our team’s favorite spring accessory by far! Feel free to frolic through spring fields with tousled hair and your favorite distressed denim, because headpieces and headbands are trending for spring. Add a little groovy flair to tousled waves or tame your second-day-hair with a braided bun, and go ahead and pile on the accessories for a boho chic look.

Rebecca: Headbands may seem too juvenile for some women, but I am here to put that misnomer to rest. Headbands are great accessories for any person, anytime! On a good hair day, a headband will add some excitement to your hairstyle. And on a bad hair day, it will distract everyone from the fact that you are having one!

Jenifer: At any age, women can sport headbands in different size, color and shape. The great thing with headbands is it can complete simple outfits. You can pair a floral headband with a simple pair of jean and tank!

Das Boot

Kelley: The ankle boot rocks for spring! Its easy to walk in, edgy, and makes your ankles look skinny! Work it in a light color, beige is my favorite because it works with everything! Black is for the rebels that want to mix things up with some contrast.

If you want to make a lasting impression that says ” I don’t care if it’s spring and 88 degrees outside, I’m still rockin my docs”, then do Dr. Martens with your cut offs, or summer rayon printed dress/romper.

Wedge Sneakers: Reminiscent of a fresh young teen transplanted from Philadelphia to Bel Air, wedge sneakers are girl’s version of gangster. Pair with tights or leggings to take your look from casual to edgy streetwear while keeping comfort in mind. As the days grow longer and springtime sports flourish, every girl needs stylish steps that add height but still keep your ankle secure. We know it’s basketball season, but please refrain doing layups in stilettos.

Katarina: I love them because they are good for moving around in and carrying things, but still edgy and fun and look fashionable, unlike regular tennis shoes.

Knuckle Rings and Ear Cuffs: What can we say? Adding knuckle rings or ear cuffs to an outfit is like putting bacon on top of a hot fudge sundae. It’s depraved, but oh so good. Worn with anything and everything, they are a simple way to add edge to any outfit.  Rock a side bun to show off your bedazzled lobe or add a knuckle ring to your hand to make your nail art pop.

Bib Necklaces: Contrary to their name, bib necklaces are perfect for adding a sophisticated flair to that top in your closet that is just too drab. Whether it is pearl, rhinestone, chain link or ribbon, layering necklaces is also a great technique to use, if you are feeling bold. Not just for covering up clothing, bib necklaces worn with exposed shoulders can become a statement piece, or balance a plunging neckline.

Rebecca: For me, bib necklaces are a fast and easy way to spice up my outfits. Pairing them with a buttoned-up chiffon or chambray top is a quick way to turn a plain outfit into something interesting! Add a pair of matching bangles and you’re out the door!

Sunglasses: With the heat of the summer sun only months away, the go-to accessory in everyone’s purse is a pair of sunglasses. But of course we don’t do sunglasses like everyone else. Set your pair apart by rocking a bold color, two-toned or oversized rims.

Jenifer: Round sunglasses in summer and spring colors such as these tripped-out John Lennon style sunglasses. Pair these up with a cute maxi skirt, flowy shirt and cute gladiator sandals.

Kelley: Lennon 2013! You can play with the frames. These Wolf Eared Frames from Valley Eyewear are my top choice for sub protection this spring! They hide you when you’re feelin’ tired and make you look like your wide eyed and wild!

What’s your favorite accessory trend this season?


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