Fashion Report – Signature Lipstick

Fashion Report – Signature Lipstick

by Ali Levine of Ali Levine Designs


Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick. – Gwyneth Paltrow


Hi Fashionistas!

Its another fabulous Fashion Report, and today at Team ALD we are discussing the bright lipstick trend. We love it, and so does our guest blogger, Racquel! Tell her what you think, and tweet @RacquelGrant with the tag #ATODMagz @atasteofdawn



What is more irresistible than pouty lips? How about pouty lips adorned in bright pink hues? Red lipstick is a beauty classic, however, this Spring try switching it up for a more trendy look by opting for different shades of bold Pink. A lot of women get nervous about wearing bright colours but there isn’t a reason to be because there is colour suitable for everyone. The trick is finding the shade that best matches your complexion.



KAT DENNING at the Iron Man 3 Premiere

STYLE TIP: Go very light on makeup when donning a bright lip. Bright colours are bold enough on their own & over doing your makeup might land you in clown territory.

(ATOD’s Editor-in-in-Chief, Dawn Garcia: My brother-in-law Craig O’Brien and friend Sarah Farooqui were in the “Barrel of Monkeys” scene and Craig coordinated, shot, and did that entire scene. One of the more powerful moments on screen!)


If you would like a more sultry look go for a matte finish like Rihanna.


RIHANNA after her Diamonds World Tour in Fort Lauderdale


You can also go for a more girly look by topping off your lipstick with a high shine lip gloss.



RACHEL McADAMS at the To The Wonder Premiere

Let us know which one of these starlets pouts you will recreate this season or if you are bold enough to try all three. Pucker up ladies.



For my skin tone, I’ve noticed that I can get away with experimenting with a brighter lip. So for you ladies with a darker complexion, dare to be dramatic! I love MAC’s “Heroine” for a deep purple or “Ablaze” for a fiery red! Your lips will thank you for being so kissable!


APRIL 2012 BLOG 052 copy MAC-Ablaze-lipstick-review

I unfortunately am white as snow – and not in a good way. I’m more like are-you-sure-you-aren’t-a-vampire mixed with the Pillsbury dough boy pale – and with dark hair. This translates to: I was afraid of bright lips for the longest time! I’ve finally embraced the drama – and I have to say, I love it! I tend to shy away from candy pink like Kat Denning since it’s so girly (and I’m just not into it), but I die for bright oranges and cherry reds. My go-to is Mac’s Morange – though since I somehow manage to eat off all of my lipstick, even when I am not eating, I generally throw a lipstain on underneath.


So ladies, which are you? What color are you rocking for the summer?! The right color will dial any look up! Personally I am a fan of a bright pink or light lilac with my olive complexion for this summer weather!



Light Lilac Mac lipstick and The Semi Mat- “Shocking Pink” by NARS

Put those lips on the Cat Walk & MEN PUCKER UP!



Fashionably Yours,

Ali & @Team_Ald