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[title maintitle=”Arcview Women’s Investor Network” subtitle=”Keys To Community, Knowledge And Understanding“]
by Rachel Svodoba
[dropcap letter=”I”]n our current times of social distancing, online activities are fundamental to our day-to-day productivity, work, health, finances, social lives, and, perhaps even more importantly, our sense of self. Like physical health, financial health is a key factor in leading a happy and successful life.

According to Merrill Lynch, women were asked what the most important reason was as to why they invest and the second most popular answer was “to become more financially independent”. Not surprisingly, the first most popular answer was, “fund my retirement.” For women specifically, creating financial stability for themselves does more than alleviate stress—it lays the foundation for an independent and secure financial future. While there’s no specific number or score that measures your financial health, people with good financial health pay close attention to things like credit, debt, savings, retirement planning, and insurance.

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Historically, the investing industry was built by men, for men—which means the supposed “gender-neutral” tools have been failing women for decades. However, S&P Global Women’s Investor Report published this year reported that women’s control of the world’s investable wealth may reach $72 trillion by the end of 2020, adding to female influence as major investors in global financial markets—and, by extension, national economies.

The Arcview Group is a vertically integrated investment and research firm that has been servicing the cannabis industry for the past ten years. Forbes labeled them the, “Top marijuana investment and research firm”. This year, they relaunched the Women’s Investment Network (WIN) as a dedicated Membership Tier with a redefined mission devoted to supporting women investors in the cannabis industry. The mission is to empower women with facts, conversations, camaraderie, and deal flow so that they can become successful investors in the cannabis industry.

According to S&P “only 26% of American women invest in the financial markets, despite 41% saying now would be a good time to invest.” Therefore, if you haven’t already established an investment portfolio, now is the time to embrace online investing platforms, clubs, and communities, such as WIN, by The Arcview Group.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to build wealth,” states Kim Kovacs, CEO at The Arcview Group.

“The recent market declines may have created an entry opportunity just like that of the 2008–2009 financial crisis. The financial knowledge shared through WIN builds confidence and the freedom to pursue the financially independent future you want.”

Women have been catching up financially and are increasingly taking advantage of the tools and communities to help them get started. These three tips are just scratching the surface of what you get when you become a WIN Member at The Arcview Group:


Women approach risk differently than men do. Studies show that men are more inclined to behave like baseball hitters, who swing for the fences, even if it means running the risk of striking out far more often. Women, by contrast, are more like contact hitters, who are satisfied with a string of singles – methodically making consistent progress season after season.

Members of WIN get access to cannabis investing videos, interviews, tours, private events, a dedicated slack channel community and additional research. Before you invest, you’ll be able to answer fundamental questions, such as: Is the company well established, and does it have clear competitive advantages? Is it profitable and capable of generating enough cash to pay a healthy dividend? Can you buy the shares for a reasonable price? Affirmative answers to all of those questions are likely to result in investments that provide competitive returns with a minimum of volatility.

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Investors, like athletes, perform better when they don’t act alone—they have a coach, friend, colleague, mentor or other advisor as part of their team to bounce ideas and support decision-making.

Members of WIN have the ability to participate in expedited networking opportunities, join the WIN private Slack channel, private social media groups, plus access to attend and bring a guest to the Arcview Metro Events and Arcview Signature Events. In addition, WIN members have the opportunity to meet panelists after each webinar at “after parties” and virtual happy hours. Looking ahead there will be mentor matching programs and additional exclusive networking opportunities.


It’s been said that stereotypically, men are more interested in comparing results and winning a competition; whereas women are more focused on achieving their goals. Focusing on a goal is different because it forces you to consider your long-term needs rather than short-term measures of success.

At WIN the collaborative culture builds everyone up and encourages stable growth. It’s not about competition between portfolios or individual trades – it’s about achieving lifelong goals. That’s why the WIN community continues to grow with like-minded women who share similar values and support each other.

We work to unite all women who want to be the boss of their own money and own their investing journeys,” says Kovacs. “Simply put, WIN helps women reach both their financial and personal goals for happiness and independence.”

In summary, there is an urgent need for more successful women to be inclusive and pave the way to financial health for other women. The Arcview Group WIN Membership is championing the movement to bring in more women investors, companies, and products. They are redefining the word investor from its traditional meaning to include all those who are invested in the success of women in the cannabis industry.

Learn more at WIN.