Mirage Las Vegas

The Mirage Las Vegas is a hotel and casino that was at the turn of new heights on the strip many years ago. Since then, the city has grown and undergone tremendous transformation in an attempt to keep up with the ever growing trends of visitors. Among them, however, is an esteemed lot of young sophisticates and while there are plenty of nearby competitors, the MGM Grand family has done a wonderful job with the recent renovations at Mirage. Once home to the beautiful (and unforgettable) white tigers, there is now a dolphin encounter, a beautifully redesigned spa and gym, several new shows (including my all time favorite, Cirque de Soleil’s “LOVE”), restaurants, and – it’s one of the cleanest casino’s on the strip.

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When I began Project Vegas, I wasn’t entirely sure where I would stay or how it would unfold. While my 1st experience staying at a Las Vegas tradition (Hard Rock Hotel & Casino) was mortifying in both filth and ambiance, the Mirage was a far cry from mortifying. In fact, I think they are still among the best on the Strip. Staying in the newly remodeled Tower Suites, the room was beautiful. A corner suite (Suite 27044) that overlooked the city, decor and color that was mustering tones of grays and reds amidst black and whites accents. As you enter directly to your left is the bar which is ideal for entertaining (and storing the copious bottles of wine we brought in tow), directly past that the living area with a gray L-shaped couch with pillows strewn about it, a TV, just past that as you walk deeper into the suite is a round glass top kitchen table with flowers in the center of it, a console table against the wall, and through the double doors is the bedroom. Before we get to the bedroom, it is worth mentioning that this suite is floor to ceiling in windows with the most wonderful view of the strip! Now the bedroom: leading into the bedroom you feel a flow of the room that is, dare I say, conscious of feng sui, with everything situated as it should be without any unnecessary obstructions or any overly busy fabrics or furniture. Everything has a place. Sure, there might be an even nicer suite but for our budget, this was more than we hoped for. Now the one place I am most critical of: the bathroom. Hugely spacious with enough room to put a divan right in the center of it all, there is a shower with multiple spouts, a bathtub large enough to fit my 6’3″ guest, dual vanities, storage, and then past that is a hall that leads to the closet (equipped with robes – well, we had to ask for them but that was the only thing missing), another vanity with magnifying mirror and a upholstered stool, and the toilet area equipped with not one but two areas for the lady and the sir. This suite  was spacious and well thought out, the bedroom well placed at the end of the flow of the room with high thread count bedding and a plasma that has the option to be hidden or visible, and decor that was done in the  not-so-Vegas-style by being pleasantly understated.




While there, I had access to the state-of-the-art gym and albeit small it was stocked with the best equipment, plenty of towels, ice cold water bottles, televisions, and it was spotless. I also had access to the day spa. The spa is lovely with a lounge just outside the entrance and several retreats within both the male and female sides. Fresh juices, coffees, fruits, nuts, an array of Aveda products, a bathroom stocked with everything a girl might need, and a staff that was genuinely helpful. Now, being there at the peak of a heat wave and the scorn of summer, the Mirage offers two pool areas. There is the main pool that is packed with lounge chairs and towels – this may be the only complaint I have. The lounge chairs are stuck so tightly together there is no space to breathe or move. I think expanding the space or situating things more efficiently such as putting them in positions of groups rather than long invasive rows might be a start. There were a few lifeguards that could have adjusted their attitudes but thankfully, the servers were nice enough to make up for it. There is a VIP area (oddly out of the sun) and the dolphin pool all in the same main area and the 2nd pool area, Bare, is a much more chic area named for it being a topless pool area (feast your eyes boys and ladies, get a little liberated). In the future, that is where I will be heading.


Overall, this may just be one of the best experiences I’ve had in a hotel in Las Vegas. While there isn’t a slew of restaurants I’d utilize, the hotel itself, the service, the cleanliness, the choices – all make this worthy of a nod.

*It’s worth mentioning their club: 1 OAK. Bouncers that are incredibly good at what they do, a decent selection of music, small but maximizes the space so you’re not pressed up against someone you don’t want to be. (Granted when you’re PRESS, there’s no standing in a long drunken line for an hour only to pay a $40 cover. Sometimes that changes the way you see things…)