Getting Handsy

#TrendTues talks this week about “Getting Handsy”

Fashion Stylist, Ali Levine of Ali Levine Design


Hi Fashionistas,

Remember when “arm parties” were all the rage? Well, some of us may still be clinging onto that trend – and, honestly, who wouldn’t want an excuse to wear every cool bracelet one can find at once? – but another party is taking over #TrendTues. Everyone now a days is #GettingHandsy with ‘ring parties’, henna, and nail art.

Lest you’ve been hiding under a rock, you are well aware of the trend of layering rings. Katarina is a huge fan, particularly of above the knuckle rings.

Katarina: I love subtle ways to edge up a look. After spending a few years at a very preppy college, my natural tendency towards rocker-gothic chic has gone a bit to the wayside. Layering rings with spikes and above the knuckle rings can turn a sweet, preppy outfit into that perfect mixture of naughty and nice.

In the past, henna was only found in large quantities at Indian or Pakistani weddings, Renaissance Faires, and the occasional teenage birthday party. More recently, the general public has caught on to this fun way to spice up your hands. Changeable tattoos for the indecisive – it’s like that quarter machine temporary tattoo you loved as a kid, but for adults!

Have you been on pinterest recently? Yes? Duh? Ok. Then you know just how huge the nail art trend is! Everything from stick-on artistic nail polish to methods of DIY chevrons and statement nails are taking over. One color polish just isn’t cutting it anymore. Unless, of course, if you are rocking the hot almond shape.

With all of these great hand accessories, one has to make sure to keep ones well-manicured and accessorized appendages healthy and protected.

Today we have Guest blogger Alexa Curtis from A Life in the Fashion Lane here #GettingHandsy with  a great way to protect this oft-neglected area of our bodies!

Alexa: We all look for ways to accessorize different parts of our body, whether it be piercings, tattoos, or accessories. As summer approaches, finding ways to stay protected from harmful UV rays as well as fashionable and flirty is tricky. Most people think that sunburns show up on more vivid places like your back or chest, but have you considered your hands? This week is all about jewelry and styling the one place that we use everyday but don’t necessarily pamper enough. Between putting the finishing touches on a model’s makeup and pulling the perfect bomber jacket to go with an outfit, my fingers are constantly fluttering to that turn my vision into a styling reality. Which is why it is so important to make sure that every single part of my body that is used on a regular basis is looking chic and trendy. In comes Solfingers, a collection of made in the USA gloves that accessorize your hands as well as protect them from aging and harmful UV rays.

These gloves can be worn with anything during any time of the year: whether you live on the West Coast and have summer evening during the East Coast winter, or closer to New York City where warm weather doesn’t appear until Mid- April. Fingerless gloves have popped up as the latest trend and as the newest way to add a bit of extra shine to a body part that is being constantly used! Rocking gloves with skinny jeans and a pair of flats or with your favorite spring frock is the ideal way to jazz up an outfit in less than 5 minutes.

I would wear my fingerless gloves to school and to dinner on a chilly night with friends. Whether it be protection from the sun or just to add a bit of shine to an outfit, these gloves are bound to have people jealous of your new accessory.

Ali: As a fashionista and stylist, you will always catch me wearing many rings, it’s part of who I am and my style. I agree with fashion blogger Alexa, when I am putting a models look together, to pulling the perfect dress for my fitting, my hands are constantly moving! And quick!

I love to constantly find new ways to edge up and doll up my hands with accessories, and I love the idea of these great new fabulous fingerless gloves!!


Alexa: Look out for a Solfingers giveaway later on in the week! And tell us:

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