Mother’s Day Ideas At The Ready

Mother’s Day Ideas At The Ready!

Go ahead, do something really nice for your mom. Or for the mother of your children. Or go crazy and do something amazing for both of the women in your life that love with every fiber of their being …


This is what you think:

This is how we feel:

We know it comes around every year and for one day, the moms that “gave birth to us, sacrificed their flat stomachs, gave up sleep, and love us even when we’re awful” get to be appreciated whole heartedly for at least one whole day. Hopefully. So – I figured, as a mom myself, it might be helpful to give you a few worthy ideas – on the off chance you’re just now realizing Mother’s Day is this Sunday. (It’s ok, moms know you forget so just pretend you’ve had it planned all along. You’re welcome.)


So what does she want?

Has your mom always wanted to take a class? Go on a vacation? Get a spa day? Sleep in without any interruptions? Go have a mimosa at 10am without any guilt? Go watch a movie with a tub of popcorn and a glass of wine? Does she want a day to do whatever she wants without a single phone call to ask if carrot cake counts as a vegetable? Yes. Yes she does.

Well, let’s see if we can’t make that possible.



PAMPER HER: Rescuing eleventh-hour gifters, the Spa del Rey at The Ritz-Carlton, Marina del Rey is offering relaxation and refreshment for moms including:


Specialty “Mother Glows Best” Bright and Tight Facial treatment for $175
20% off gift card purchases of $200 or more (simply order online and print at home!).


Honestly, any lovely hotel will have a spa that will not only pamper her but hand her a glass of bubbles to sip on while she’s there. And if she isn’t that luxurious and likes to keep it more simple? Do that. The point is – do something.


TAKE HER OUT (and let her order whatever she wants … without a disapproving glare):

Mother’s Day Stops: 208 Rodeo, the Eveleigh, Bestia, Smoke.Oil.Salt., Fig & Olive, Faith & Flower

Again – the point here is to treat her to something you wouldn’t normally treat her to. Let her feel like today is about recognizing the things she does and showing her some grace and love. And no arguing! It is forbidden on this day. (Just in case you weren’t clear on that.)



A cooking class? There are an array of options including being utterly thoughtful and sending her up to Napa for a weekend where she can take a cooking class at the prestigious Cavallo Point Cooking School

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GLAM HER: Senhoa has an extraordinary line of jewelry that is not only gorgeous but actually benefits the world and saves lives. Click on the link below and be sure to use the PROMO CODE for 10% OFF.




WRITING CLASS? I’ve actually got you covered.

ONLINE WRITING Workshop for moms who want to take a chance at expressing themselves through words on the awaiting page.  $20 OFF! Use PROMO Code LOVEMOM.



BLOSSOM! Yes, I mean flowers. They never disappoint. But go for the gusto. Go big. Go sophisticated. Opt for lush roses and orchids. Make her feel like a celebrity for a while. She’s earned it.


KITCHEN GOODIES: No, I don’t mean buy her a toaster. If she likes cooking, get her some chef knives! We just happen to have some of those and if you use the PROMO CODE: MOMSROCK you will get an additional 10% OFF.



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