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Gresham Palace Budapest


Cocktails at the Gresham Palace, Budapest
reviewed by Matthew Dyson

Chilli Martini | 2400 HUF
Coriander Fizz | 2300 HUF
Elderflower Martini | 2400 HUF

1051 Budapest Széchenyi István tér 5, Hungary
Tel: 06 1 268-6000

“Darlings, I’m home”, he said, breezing through the opulent foyer and parading through the bar like a returning war hero. Dressed in a cricket blazer with dramatic gestures wafting in every direction, he took time to shake each and every hand of the attentive bar tenders. He slumped into an enormous leather chair. Behind him towered a wall of exotic spirits. Champagne was ordered by the bucket and a tray of Technicolor Hungarian sweets were soon presented. Each sugary delight tantalizingly lit under chandeliers.

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