Hotel Restaurants

Nothing Standard About Micah


We pause at the bar to order a glass of wine and ask to let Micah know we’re here. A Pinot Noir – easy. Out walks Micah (because he’s not a fan of being called “chef” which makes him even cooler in my book), he smiles that boyish smile, we hug because it’s been a long journey to finally get to the tasting, and we look at the space to figure out if we’re sitting inside or out. Greeted with a tranquility and easy-going appeal, a smile that lets you know he’s genuinely happy to have you sit down at his table, and the passion and curiosities he embodies in the fare he prepares – I knew this wouldn’t be a boring excursion – nor would it be predictable. I was NOT disappointed. We decide the ambiance inside is more our speed tonight. When we sit down in the beautiful, modern, opaque space at the Restaurant, one can’t help but have the desire to want to touch things…

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