Le Rue Du Chocolat

Ever since the movie “Chocolat”, I have become obsessed with a good Chocolaterie. Even when walking the streets of France, whenever I woulds stumble upon a shop filled with chocolate, I found myself needing to be indulgent. So any time my eyes read the word “Chocolat” I tend to feel a gravitational pull. Now imagine a small European-like cobblestone paved alleyway known as “Peppertree Lane” in Laguna Beach that is reminiscent of nearly any spot in Western Europe – and – imagine looking through spotless glass windows to see an array of various sweets staring back at you. La Rue Du Chocolat. I have ventured past it over the years but this week, while I waited for my table to be ready at a nearby restaurant, I opened that door, heard the small bell clang, and I feasted my eyes upon the truffles and lollies. Every piece is made with care right down to the small paper it rests in. There are truffles, brittle, fruit chews, taffy, lollipops, bars, you name it. I am certain every individually made piece, whatever part of the world they’re imported from, tastes divine. Now to taste these decadent treats. I place my order:

Mint Meltaway – Dark Chocolate covered Mint Chocolate Cream
Mayan Truffle with Cinnamon – Rich Chocolate with traces of Cinnamon
Apple Lollipop – Well, this is just what it sounds like
English Toffee – An old classic in a HUGE chunk of toffee goodness
Smoked Sea Salt Caramel – Definitely different
Nougat Bar – Nougat made with chopped Almonds

YUM! That said, I have a confession: I have to say my all time favorite chocolate is Dark Chocolate infused with Chili. Yes, I’m actually serious. While I didn’t get to entice my need for sweet, bitter, and spicy, the Mint Meltaway was lovely. All of the pieces were delicious (no, I didn’t eat them all. I was good – I just sampled and passed it to my friend who ate every single piece right down to the chocolate on the wrapper).

My only suggestion is perhaps that the girl behind the counter be happier – seemed like she just wanted to get out of there and when you work in a place that is floor-to-ceiling in sweets, how is that possible?! Needless to say, I highly suggest stopping off at Peppertree Lane and walking in to the sweet spot of La Rue Du Chocolat.