Club Curry, Las Vegas 2011 NYE

New Year’s Eve | Club Curry 2012

Those who look forward to New Year’s Eve know there are thousands of Events happening around the world! This year, I had the distinct pleasure in working on a Special Event called Club Curry with a group of Visionaries of the likes I rarely see. I was asked to come and write about, meet, and assist with the Event. Club Curry was created by Philanthropist, Mark Curry. A man that believes in helping others, spreading joy, and making sure everyone has a mind-blowing time in the process. I first met Mark on December 30th at the Donors Dinner. Before I delve into the Event I have to mention the purpose behind this year’s Event: Camp to Belong, in conjunction with Child Focus. Camp to Belong is a Nevada based non-profit that has created a place for siblings separated by the Foster Care system. The Camp brings siblings back together, offering them support and an environment to thrive. When you learn about the tremendous work they do, you can’t help but be thrilled to be a part of it in any way.

The Event began with a Donors Dinner at Vintner’s Grill located inside of Neiman Marcus. The location was lovely, staff nice, ambiance soothing, however the food was not what I would deem as incredibly delicious. It was ok – perhaps it was an off night but certainly not what I expected – that’s another story. The night began with the greatest group of “Volunteers working around the clock to get things accomplished: Lisa Meller, Cynthia Stearn, Paul K. Holmes, Travis Kelso, Lara Gallagher, Bob Pohanish, and me (though in comparison, this group worked for weeks beforehand) – all unpacking Auction items, dressing tables, organizing the Auction Room, creating task lists, setting up decor, PA systems, you name it – we did it. Under the direction of Lisa, Travis, and Paul, a truly beautiful evening unfolded. Soon after everything was ready (and we all had a glass of wine in hand), guests began to arrive.
The candor of the crowd was endearing to say the least. A group of Philanthropists, Scientists, Musicians, Filmmakers, Writers, Food & Wine Savants, Artists, and supporters of both Club Curry and Camp To Belong. The evening was hosted by Canadian Wine Savants and TV Personalities, The Wine Ladies – Georgia and Susanne. The Wine Ladies kept us engaged as they introduced a plethora of guests. Each one is listed below with a little insight into who the key players were and what they’re doing to make a difference. In addition to the Donors Dinner, Mark Curry also hosted the big New Year’s Eve Event at the Hard Rock Hotel’s Body English club. An impressive line up of DJ’s and Artists, and a slew of guests all contributing to the cause. All in all this was an Event that raised an impressive amount and is still continuing to do so.

Mark Curry is a man that continues to strive to do truly wonderful things in this world to benefit those in need. Every year he chooses a Charity to work with and he has now officially made New Year’s Eve his “Make-A-Mark” moment. Las Vegas is the city he has ventured to these past two years and I cannot wait to see what 2012 will bring. I feel honored I was asked to help with this Event and even more honored to have had a moment to talk with Mark himself. Keep a watch out for all he has happening via Club Curry!

I also want to thank those who donated to the Silent Auction on behalf of “A Taste of Dawn” including Gourmet Delights, David Arthur Winery, and The Sticky Pig. Other Donors included MGM Grand, Charlie White III, Las Vegas Tourism, Anaheim Angels, and much more…

NYE included the talented:



Billboard Award Winner Best Dance Artist and Best Dance Single – Show Me Love

Show Me Love SoundCloud – Edit Mix

Robin’s performance was SO much fun! She may have even gotten better with time …



Resident at MID, Chicago, Wet Republic, Las Vegas, and a regular at Playhouse & XIV, Los Angeles. Nathan plays many gigs and festivals around the US and Mexico and has opened for world class DJ’s such as Kaskade, Sharam, and Deadmau5. You can also find Nathan’s mixes for Ultra Records on iTunes. We are happy to have Nathan back with us again this New Year’s Eve! He is even donating a percentage of his fee to Child Focus! Thank you Nathan!


International Dj Erez Ben Ishay was born and raised in Israel and has been spinning the decks for the past 6 years. Characterized by his unique taste in electronic music and his love for funky Latin beats, he has created a fresh niche style in the House music genre. He is a staple of Tel Aviv’s night life scene plus a resident DJ at Revolution, Las Vegas, and spins for nights such as; Space Ibiza’s Café Olé, We parties and the Matinée world tours, as well as other major venues in Amsterdam, New York, São Paulo, Quebec City, and more.



Below is information on those involved in the Donors Dinner, in addition to the NYE Event held at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s Body English:

The Wine Ladies

Hosting The Donors Dinner to were the lovely Canadian TV Personalities, The Wine Ladies – Susanne Seelig-Mense and Georgia Mense-Chase:

The Wine Ladies, Founded by Georgia and Susanne – An Entrepreneur Sister Team in 2003, who believe in taking life one sip at a time as they share the splendor of food and wine and the wonderful lifestyle it entails. Regular national TV personalities and hosts of their own weekly TV show about wine, food and lifestyle, Susanne and Georgia share their passion about living life to the fullest in every way. Their motto: “Everything in life somehow comes back to the vine” keeps their audiences entertained and informed.

You can watch The Wine Ladies TV show One Sip At A Time! LIVE every Wednesday afternoon 2:30pm-3:30pm.


The Hutch Foundation

Who We Are: Hutch Foundation, a Non-Profit organization established in 2011, is one devoted to helping patients and caregivers of those affected by severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Our purpose is to improve expectations and outcomes for recovery by offering resources, innovative solutions, and unique programs geared to assist those who are affected by TBI.  Brian Hutchison, Founder & CEO, is a recovering TBI patient whose success story began after a life-changing injury in June 2010. Bringing his first-hand experience in managing the challenges of a life-changing injury and his realization of the gaps in current resources for care and support, Brian’s passion and drive to regain his own life has ignited a personal passion to help others optimize their unique recoveries and to achieve the highest possible quality of life.

Our  Mission: Hutch Foundation seeks to become a globally recognized, forward-thinking and leading resource in TBI Recovery for patients, caregivers, medical professionals, and for the support network of friends and families who are affected by TBI. Our Mission is to provide THE center of care with the most successful recovery outcomes and the highest overall achievements in the advancements of treating and managing TBI.


John Spencer: Space Tourism Board

STS is clearly focused, with a long term overall view, and is evolving a strategic plan to introduce many new industries to realistic space tourism. These include the travel and tourism industry, the financial community, the cruise ship and resort industry, and the entertainment industries. STS believes that space tourism is the most logical endeavor for private enterprise to pursue towards the goal of expanding humankind into space.

A Holistic Approach: STS also believes that exploring the beautiful, sensual and futuristic aspects of space tourism is essential if we are to gain the interest and support of the world public, and the finance community. STS will support all visions of space tourism, but is focused on modeling this new industry after the highly successful cruise line industry. STS has been modeled after the prestigious National Geographic Society. We will conduct major research and promote our findings and plans to the world public. STS will strive to become a major communications hub for the media and the diverse and growing interest in space tourism.

For more information about the STS and membership opportunities we can be contacted at:

Space Tourism Society | 3153 Purdue Avenue | Los Angeles, CA 90066 | Tel: 1-310-313-6835 | Email:


Child Focus

Child Focus, Inc. (CFI) directly serves over 5,000 youth, ages prenatal to young adulthood annually.  Child Focus also serves over 20,000 people when including the families of youth served, prevention, training and other community services including Crisis Hotline and Crisis Response Team.  A private, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) agency, its 745 volunteers, 242 staff and 30 foster families help provide a broad range of early learning, mental health, school, foster care and community services.  With an agency budget of over $15 million dollars, the spectrum of services includes Head Start and early learning programs for children ages 0-5, parenting education and support, partial hospitalization, mental health prevention and support services in schools, foster care, independent living and Life Skills preparation, family stability, outpatient individual, family and group therapy, diagnostic testing, psychiatric services, management of a county-wide 24-hour crisis hotline (528-SAVE), community programs and professional training.   CFI provides these services in over 70 locations and in hundreds of homes in Clermont County and surrounding southwest Ohio communities, including an outpatient mental health office in Brown County and foster homes in Clermont, Hamilton, Brown and Warren counties.   In addition to serving the Greater Cincinnati area, Child Focus community programs and trainings, including school violence and bullying prevention, reach tri-state and national markets.


Camp To Belong

CAMP TO BELONG, (CTB), an international non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization, has been actively reuniting brothers and sisters placed in separate foster, adoptive or kinship homes through Summer Camp Programs and year round events since 1995. Founded in Las Vegas by Lynn Price (biography), Camp To Belong Summer Camp was created to offer siblings in foster care and other out of home care the opportunity to create lifetime memories while reunited at camp.

Siblings may not have the opportunity to read bedtime stories together at night, have breakfast together, cheer for each other at school functions or share precious holidays – all the things that typical siblings get to do each day. Siblings are often taken for granted. Yet, the sibling relationship can be our longest relationship in life.