Delphine Restaurant Hollywood

Delphine Restaurant Hollywood

Chef Sascha Lyon

Nothing short of old Hollywood sleek and modern day sheik, the cuisine oozes comfort and palatable taste. Located  on Hollywood Boulevard amidst the Hollywood stars (when they actually gave them away and didn’t “sell” them to worthy mentions) is Delphine Eatery & Bar. A restaurant that, much like it’s homepage photo, has an air of old Hollywood and a breathable decor that goes seamlessly with it’s neighboring W Hotel. When you enter off of Hollywood, what you see is clean shades of whites and light grays and blues with metals and woods that have been carefully selected and cleverly aged. Behind the booths and wall tables are ceiling height cabinets housing an assortment of literature, vintage liquor and glass bottles, and vague film paraphernalia.

I happen to come in on a Wednesday and like most restaurants these days, it was a pretty quiet lunch. We sat in the patio with one other duo – the entire area all to ourselves for the most part – and soon, our server – with the gleam in his eye and actor/server written all over his young, chiseled face accompanied by Zac Efron-like eyes – came to take our order. (That saying that every waiter in Hollywood wants to be in film is actually pretty true…) Needless to say, he was a very good server with an ease about him in the way he offered input on the menu – not that overeager up-sell to try the most expensive item – no, this guy was a professional and good at his job. So we (me and my person who happens to be “industry” and a winemaker) peruse the menu created by Chef Lyon knowing all too well beforehand that we could potentially order everything on the menu because we’re THAT famished. Our server, Brett, takes our drink order – Sauvignon Blanc, a Virgin Bloody Mary (extra spicy), and coffee.

Delicious! Now onto ordering. First we consider the Ahi poke, the calamari, the Marinated Market Tomato and Mozzarella salad to start but we decide to go with:

Garlic Shrimp and Sausage

I’m very particular about my shrimp so while this one was good, the oil took it over. However the sausage was hearty and the toasted bread, fresh. Now it’s time for Brett to return, camera ready, to take the next phase of our meal. We order the:

Organic Kale Salad

(crisp pita, jalapeño, Soledad farm goat milk feta, creamy citrus dressing)

The Delphine Cheeseburger

(aged cheddar, caramelized onions, sunny-side hen egg, all natural bacon, served with sea salt fries or organic field greens – we choose the truffle fries with sea salt instead.)

Macaroni & Cheese (Gruyere, Ham, and Onion)

The Kale Salad is crisp, fresh, and not overly crunchy as kale can sometimes be. The best element for me was the citrus vinaigrette and the thinly sliced jalapeno. The cream from the goat cheese offset everything so every bite felt balanced.

The Mac N’ Cheese is rich, rich, rich! The top layer is crisp without being charred, creamy without being runny, and flavored without being overwhelming. I’m not a huge overly cheesy mac n’ cheese gal so while the onion and ham made this dish one sensational-tasting-dish-of-glutton, it was a bit too rich for my taste buds. Honestly this was one of the better ones I’ve had. It has the composition of a true French-inspired dish.

The Delphine Cheeseburger and Truffle Fries: Yes, yes, and YES! Tasty with the generous cuts of bacon, aged cheddar that melted as it was intended, caramelized onions that gave it the sweetness it needed, with the cut of meat that – when ground – doesn’t lose it’s flavor, and that hen egg that, once cut, bleeds over the burger like a natural sauce. The truffle fries have the right subtlety of truffle oil and the precise amount of sea salt. (This will be good tomorrow with a soft-yolk egg oozing over it). Yeah, this was definitely worth the $20.

Delphine’s is a rare and unexpected restaurant in the area. Sure Los Angeles is booming with culinary choices but on Hollywood Boulevard, one is hard pressed to find the one that fits your mood. With the modern flare of the W, I’d encourage anyone to sit down at Delphine’s, order a cocktail, order a starter, plate, and then just sit and watch the people outside the main door.

With Raw Bar Mondays and a Happy Hour that makes you say, “Another please!”, there is a reason to check this restaurant out. My one tip: Valet it at the W OR find a reason to buy something at Trader Joe’s and get it validated.

Thanks to Chef Sasha Lyon for cooking up a lovely lunch.

Delphine Restaurant | 6250 Hollywood Blvd. | Los Angeles, CA 90028