Grateful Gluttony

Grateful Gluttony

A Feast Perhaps, but a Beautiful Show of Generosity

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Dear Readers,

[dropcap letter=”A”]t a time when the news unravels at lightning speed with stories that make us not only question humanity, but also the way we treat one another, there are far more reasons to be grateful than get lost in the abyss of tabloid drama and political instability. So this year as Thanksgiving rolls around, it isn’t the history we honor or the massive feast of gluttonous goodness but rather this new climate of change that is looming in the air. In spite of the things happening from natural disasters to a fight for equality and freedom, humanity is showing that we will rise to the occasion and come together to support one another and that is immeasurable.

As for us here at ĀTÔD Magazine, this year has been a culturally and culinary immersive one. We have traveled to Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, throughout the U.S. and what we have experienced is a world rich with diversity, beauty, community, and universality. Starting with the undeniable intrigue of Tokyo whether indulging in exquisite Michelin grade sushi or sipping whiskey in Goldengai; tasting the best bourbon in the world with Preston Vanwinkle or listening to tall tales by Bill Samuels at Maker’s Mark in Louisville in the company of Seth and JT Thompson who run the gorgeous Bourbon Review; finding bliss and creative truth throughout Germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf), being treated to performances at the design-centric home of the Hamburg Philharmonic, eating at Michelin star restaurants, sailing along the Alster Lake, only to find a deep passion for how the nation embodies art; escaping to the Dominican Republic to fall in love with the people, the gastronomy, the rum, the land and seascapes and the art of dancing wishing we could stay another month; or traveling from Bordeaux, Istanbul, Prague, California to Florida learning about history, architecture, and the compelling and existential art movements happening all around us – the world is a place to be grateful for. So much to discover, so much to explore, so many people to meet, cuisine to devour, spirits to sip, and newfound love to find its way into our hearts.

This year we have listened to musical artists that took our breath away, have been a part of Pacific Standard Time LA/LA honoring Latin American culture, art, and history, and I became a Founding Member of the Academy Museum supporting the history and evolution of film since its inception. We have partnered with some extraordinary companies including becoming official influencers for Amazon and Fox Home Entertainment with one of my first projects being related to my favorite show, “This Is Us” and are expanding the magazine into something even bigger (stay tuned for that announcement).

All of this has enriched us all beyond what words could adequately express but were we to try, we’d simply have to say: THANK YOU.

Thank you to the travel bureaus, publicists, artists, musicians, filmmakers, and creatives for bringing more texture, soul, openness, and heart into our lives. Thank you to all of you who believe the world is possible, who travel the globe after reading about our experiences, who are good to one another, and you who stand together.

This year I want to pause to say that the world may seem like it’s tilted on its axis but in truth what we are learning is how to keep the dream alive, how to bring this world together, how to abolish hate and inequality, how to open our eyes to the wonder of travel, how to fight for what’s right, how to unify, and how to honor the one unchanged fact that creativity really is the purest form of mankind.

May this Thanksgiving be about coming together, standing strong, and knowing how important you are to those around you. As you sit around the table and look at the smiles reflected back at you, no matter what is happening in your life, even if you are struggling right now, know that we are grateful for you and you matter. Happy Thanksgiving from us to you …



Dawn Garcia, Founder | Editor-in-Chief